January 29, 2014

What's on Your Winter Reading List?

A cup of tea and a good book. What could be better?

I just started "Lydia's Party" and so far (page 13), I am loving it.

What are you reading this winter?


Leslie said...

I haven't read a good book since finishing the Christmas shoe series before christmas ~ I think that I may download something tonight. Although, I can't decide what kind of mood that I am in.. Romance novels usually always win. : )

NanaDiana said...

I have two books going (nothing unusual here) lol I am reading Orphan Train (really good!!) by Christina Baker Kline-based on the true events of orphans that were transported to the midwest on trains. I am also reading Winter Witch and that, too, is very good...oh-and then I have my "car book" for when I have to wait for something. It is one of Anita Shreve's books set in Africa...can't remember the name of it. lol xo Diana

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