January 22, 2014

Clarisonic Ruined My Skin

There. I said it.

Now, I know all of you devotees of Clarisonic are shocked to read this statement, but yes, Clarisonic ruined my skin.

I purchased the Mia 2 from my local Lord & Taylor department store and used it for a total of 6-8 times over the course of 3 weeks, following the instructions to a tee.

Immediately, I felt something wasn't right.

My skin became so dry and so red and so wrinkly. I looked like an old woman who had a bit too much alcohol or a woman pretending to be Santa Claus for Halloween. Take your pick. I have never experienced such issues on my face.

I called Clarisonic and was on hold for 30 minutes (what is this? Obamacare?). The first woman I spoke with was clueless and transfered me to another clueless woman. Seriously? Is this the best a multi-million-dollar company can do?

I returned the Clarisonic with no questions asked to my L&T.

My skin would not return to normal. Parched, red, wrinkly. Mind you, I don't get pimples. I don't have huge pores. Anytime I go for a facial, I always receive compliments on my skin.

After reading some comments on the Internet about women having problems with Clarisonic, I knew I wasn't crazy and the only one.

I visited my dermatologist who for years of being a patient, has never diagnosed me with skin issues on my face, I am trying desperately to get my skin back to the way it was, armed with the following products:

With one use of the prescription Desonide, my face cleared up and I began my regiment of deep hydration.

I will never again be swindled into using fancy schmancy products or gadgets ever again. Price does not determine skin health. Airbrushed models, do not determine beauty.

And for this, I thank Clarisonic for this very painful and expensive lesson.


Kori said...

That sounds awful! Glad you have a dermatologist who knows your skin and can help you heal. I bought a Clarisonic and although I haven't had anything even close to your reaction, I don't really see what the big deal is. Before I bought it I went to the holy grail of reviews: YouTube. All the girls raved about how much extra makeup came off, how their pores shrunk, the whole she-bang. I was really excited, but found my results to be just 'meh'. My face is softer when I use it, but everything else is basically the same. Like you, though, I'm sticking to my usual routine of Philosophy and vaseline - no more gadgets for me!

Kat said...

Another product that my doctor recommended was Cetaphil. Every time I use a different product other than Cetaphil products I have the same side effects as you had. Sorry to hear that happened to you.

Jennifer Schmitz said...

Wow! That is so upsetting to hear. I am sorry you had such a bad experience and appreciate you sharing your experience. I was actually thinking of getting one but they are expensive and after reading your testimony I might stick to one of those face brushes you manually use on your face instead. LOL

NanaDiana said...

Thank you for that very honest review of that product. I will certainly steer clear- xo Diana

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