November 30, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

'tis the season . . .

November 27, 2012

My New iPad and Belkin Quilted Clutch

I've had my dandy Next Generation iPad for a few months now and I LOVE IT!
It is perfect for when I travel for work and don't want to carry a bulky laptop and power cord.

I found this classic, stylish iPad case at Target for less than $40.00. It is the Belkin Quilted Clutch With Stand.
Keeps the iPad nice and secure.
If you order an iPad online at the Apple Store, you get free engraving.

I chose this phrase from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I will say though that my eyesight has gotten a bit worse from looking at it for hours on end.

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! So Much to be Thankful for.

Hurricane Sandy wiped us of power for seven days and emptied our full fridge, but we have our home, our health, a comfy bed, a hot shower and good food.

So much to be thankful for.

"For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

November 20, 2012

What Wine Are You Drinking This Thanksgiving? It's Clean Slate for me.

Reisling is my favorite white wine so for this Thanksgiving, I thought I would give this Reisling from Germany a try. It is called Clean Slate.
What special beverage are you serving this Thanksgiving?

"So once in every year we throng
Upon a day apart,
To praise the Lord with feast and song
In thankfulness of heart."
- Arthur Guiterman, The First Thanksgiving

November 19, 2012

Thank You Coach for your Hurricane Sandy Support

Following is an email I received from Coach.

NYers appreciate all of the support.

November 17, 2012

The Best Worst Restaurant Review for Guy Fieri's Times Square Restaurant

I really had to laugh my you-know-what off when I read the New York Times review of Guy Fieri's Guy's American Kitchen and Bar in Times Square.

As a native New Yorker, I know enough not to eat at any establishment near Times Square. But tourists don't know better.

Never liked Guy Fieri when he was on Food Network's competition show and after reading this hysterical review, my opinion hasn't changed.

November 16, 2012

November 15, 2012

Turkey Tealight Holders at Michaels

Not sure if these are still available at Michaels as I bought them a few weeks ago.

Turkey tealight holders in a beautiful brushed metal.
They were $2.99 and I had a 40% off coupon so they were $1.79 each.

Perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

November 10, 2012

IKEA Candles Get Me Through Hurricane Sandy

Sorry for another Hurricane Sandy post but the experience is still so fresh in my mind.

I love candles and have quite the stock pile and assortment. So, I was set for Hurricane Sandy.

While the radio stations were instructing people to not use candles, which I understand, I did.

They were IKEA candles and they were amazing. They burned evenly and lasted forever.

First, the Glimma tealights at $3.99/100. These lasted for a good 5-6 hours each.
And the Jubla, $7.99/20.
I will definitely be heading back to IKEA to refresh my stock pile. But, right now, I feel guilty shopping for anything.

November 9, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

Post Sandy, this quote is so perfect.

We get so attached to things when it is people. Things can be replaced. People cannot.

November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy May Have Knocked Out my Power but Blog Friends Light Me Up

When the Canadian crew from Hydro One finally restored my power, and I was able to get online, I was touched by how many of you reached out to me to see how I was doing after the hurricane.

You remembered my from my blog. You thought enough to contact me and I am touched and amazed.

Thank you!

November 7, 2012

This New Yorker Thanks Hydro One of Canada for Restoring My Power

I have never been so scared as I was during Hurricane Sandy. Half my town, which borders the coast, was evacuated. From about 1PM EST to midnight, the wind was so strong. I was just praying we would be okay. There was very little rain. Just wind.

At about 5:30 PM, my neighbor's tree came ever so quietly crashing down. Along with it, the utility poles and the electricity.

After midnight and the next morning, complete calm and a rainbow. It was so eerie.

My neighbors and I ventured outside to survey the damage and what we saw was not just one of my neighbor's trees down but two.
For the next six days, we were without power. I wasn't able to see the devestating images on my tv or computers but I was listening to the radio. The coastline, totally reshaped. My beach - gone. Hundreds of homes burned to the ground in Breezy Point, people missing, millions without power and a stupid-a&& Mayor Bloomberg wanting to run the NYC Marathon all while bodies are still being pulled from the water.

I think it was a blessing that I couldn't see these images because I surely would've sobbed.

My family and I were safe. Our home, intact. I had a bed. It was not a warm bed for six days but it was more, much more than many had. Two of my friends lost their homes.

Because there was so much damage to our utility poles, I knew that if we didn't see a crew by 8 in the morning, we would go another day without power.

That all ended at 8 AM on Sunday morning when I saw this at the end of my block.
A crew of strapping young, handsome men from CANADA!! Hydro One from Ontario, Canada to the rescue.
It was, thankfully, a gorgeous sunny, warm day and these guys worked non-stop for over six hours; especially the Canadian in the bucket truck.

Poles, wires, everything had to be replaced. We brought them Dunkin Donuts, coffee and my little neighbor Christopher and I gave them our Halloween candy.

The wires leading to my home had a bit more damage. Hydro One promised me they would come back and they did, within 10 minutes. I didn't want to lose sight of them because I do not trust our local power company. So up into my tree they went.
They were so nice - clearly not the power workers from NY. I am so grateful that these gentlemen came to help us out. Should the situation be reversed, I hope that we would extend the same courtesy.

They were so professional. They had a job to do and they did it. It is because of them that my shower was hot, my meal was hot and my connection to the outside world, restored.

Unfortunately, I finally got to see those terrible images that I had been kept from all week. Devestation.

Thank you Canada for sending us this fine crew from Ontario. I will never forget you and I am forever grateful.

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