November 27, 2012

My New iPad and Belkin Quilted Clutch

I've had my dandy Next Generation iPad for a few months now and I LOVE IT!
It is perfect for when I travel for work and don't want to carry a bulky laptop and power cord.

I found this classic, stylish iPad case at Target for less than $40.00. It is the Belkin Quilted Clutch With Stand.
Keeps the iPad nice and secure.
If you order an iPad online at the Apple Store, you get free engraving.

I chose this phrase from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I will say though that my eyesight has gotten a bit worse from looking at it for hours on end.


Kristie Franklin said...

Very nice! It looks so fancy. :) Love it!

I really like your Christmas header and the turquoise and white accents. I seem to recall that you really like this color...I do too!

designchic said...

I just love the case from chic!!

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