November 10, 2012

IKEA Candles Get Me Through Hurricane Sandy

Sorry for another Hurricane Sandy post but the experience is still so fresh in my mind.

I love candles and have quite the stock pile and assortment. So, I was set for Hurricane Sandy.

While the radio stations were instructing people to not use candles, which I understand, I did.

They were IKEA candles and they were amazing. They burned evenly and lasted forever.

First, the Glimma tealights at $3.99/100. These lasted for a good 5-6 hours each.
And the Jubla, $7.99/20.
I will definitely be heading back to IKEA to refresh my stock pile. But, right now, I feel guilty shopping for anything.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- That guilt DOES get us, doesn't it? Do you know I have NEVER been to Ikea? Our closest one is about 5 hours away- xo Diana

Renae said...

Yay for IKEA! Glad that worked for you.

PK said...

Hi Carmie, I am new to your blog but am now a fan! So very glad you are safe and sound there after hurricane Sandy. I'm in Texas so not affected by the storm, but I've had my share of weather disasters so I understand just how wonderful little miracles like candles can be. And electricity! How we take it for granted, but like you said, a hot meal, hot shower, HEAT, it is all such a necessary luxury.
Keep blogging. Love the title of your blog and your sense of self. Sincerely from Dallas - Pam K.

Kristie Franklin said...

Love IKEA! I will have to get me some of the Jubla. I didn't know that you could purchase that type of candle here. :)

I hope things are getting back to normal some for you and the people of New York, Long Island, and New Jersey. Although, I've heard that things aren't moving as quickly as they should be. Still praying for everyone.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Glad you got through the storm... I live in one of the few high rises down in Battery Park that never lost any power. Pinched myself every single day! Still some buildings right across from us that have no power!! And Water Street over in the financial district is a huge mess. Oh,.... I always have tons of candles around & matches!!

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