September 4, 2012

NBC Cancels The Sing Off and I am Po'd!

Why is it that the good television shows get canceled?

My younger niece just informed me that my favorite show of the last three years, The Sing Off, was canceled. I am so pissed.

It was a singing competition show unlike all the other crap on tv.

This show was so beautiful. Young people (mostly from college singing groups) singing as one, a capella without all that fancy autotune stuff that the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna need. Great judges that actually knew their craft. Nick Lachey did a great job as host.

Hopefully NBC will change their mind. But they don't appear to be such a great channel so I doubt it.

Until then, thank god for You Tube where I can continue to view such great performances as these . . .


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Oh man I love the sing off!! I totally forgot about it though! I should go back and watch what I missed.

This song here is by far my favourite performance in the entire 2nd season that I watched. it just surprised the pants off me!


Kristie Franklin said...

I'm not much on watching musical show i.e. American Idol, Sing Off, or Dancing With The Stars but I can sure sympathize with you on taking off good TV shows for no apparent good reason. I was a big fan of Harry's Law because I love Kathy Bates but after the first year they took it off?
I don't understand their rating system. It seems like all I see anymore on TV or those Reality TV shows and I get so tired of them. There is a new one on every season. I'm peed off too!

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