July 30, 2012

New Summer Shoes and Essie Lilacism

When this 9 1/2 wide finds shoes that fit, I buy them!

This summer, I found this pair of shoes on the JCPenney website. They are by EuroSoft and were $36.00. So comfy and sexy!Next, at Lord & Taylor, I found these really cute wedge rose gold sandals from Sperry. Love them too!And what would a new pair of shoes be without a fresh pedicure. This time, Essie Lilacism.Have you found any great shoe bargains this summer?

"Know, first who you are;
and then adorn yourself accordingly."
- Epictetus


Leslie said...

I am down to one flip flop ~ sofa cushions have been turned over.. i've been surfing under the bed...
can't find the other one anywhere!!
Guess I am going to be shoe shopping.
Great finds!!!!
thanks for the tip.

Kris said...

I see so many cute thong sandals but I just can't wear them anymore. I have an area right in front of the second toe that hurts so bad that I had to quit wearing them. I also have to take into consideration that my feet are extremely narrow and I also have a narrow heel. So, I have relatively little fun when I have to shoe shop. I can never seem to find a pair that fits, either they are to wide or slip in the heel. Sigh...I have resorted to being a purse diva instead. HA

You have great taste in shoes. :)

Kathy said...

Cute shoes!

Calypso In The Country said...

Cute shoes and I love the color of your pedicure!

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