July 24, 2012

Netgear Wireless Router Trouble

I've been missing from blogging for a week now. You see, I don't like to blog in one spot. I like to blog from whatever room in my home or outdoor area inspires me.

But, I cannot do that because my three-year old (yes, three friggin' years) wireless router from Netgear has left me wireless.

For about a year, I have noticed that my wireless Internet connection has been dropping. I used to be able to reboot the router to get back on the Internet but last week, it finally conked out.

I just cannot believe that a product would only last three years.

After contacting Netgear and getting the lamest of responses, I am researching other routers.

I certainly will not be purchasing a Netgear again.

What kind of router do you use and have you experienced this problem?


Kris said...

Just to tell you how little I know about routers and computers, I don't even know what a wireless router is? HA

Renae. said...

routers? i don't know. I am with CenturyLink and i get really slow - stagnant moments and I want to jump up and smak my router with my fist!! that's what I have. lol

Mary said...

I sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with the router. You asked about changes to the fudge recipe. Yes, you can use just one type of chocolate hough the flavor might be less interesting or too intense depending on the chocolate you use. A teaspoon of vanilla can be used to replace the bourbon. I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Blessings...Mary

Stone hood said...

I use Cisco router and it is working fine since 2 years. research about it though.

- Herman Swan

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