May 10, 2012

Grand Hyatt New York Hotel Review

Here I am again in Manhattan on business and this time, staying at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Station.Wow! I had not been to this hotel since their recent $130 million remodel was completed in November of 2011 and what an improvement. The old Donald Trumpish gold has been replaced with a sleek, modern, up-to-date design. 1300 rooms in all.

What first struck me when I entered the lobby were Awilda and Chloe, two marble statues designed by the Spainish artist Jaume Plensa.There was something really compelling about these figures. When I looked at them from up above on the mezzanine level, they looked like holograms. They were inspired by the thousands of people who pass through Grand Central Station each day. I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

Here is a photo of a room similar to what I stayed in.Everything, from the lights to the a/c were controlled by touch pad throughout the room. Clean, good amenities but $12.95/day for wifi. That was the only issue I had. That and the doormen.

The staff were terrific but if you stay at this hotel and are looking for a cab, beware of the doormen. They will try to hail you a town car which is more expensive. They do this because they receive a kick-back from the drivers.

Make sure you get into a yellow cab. If you have to walk a few blocks to and hail your own cab, it is worth it because the doormen are rude and this practice needs to be stopped.

All in all, a great hotel. I would stay here again.


image 2&3


Leslie said...

Awesome .. its always good when someone recommends a good place to stay in nyc.. I never trust the web sites.

Kris said...

Well, this is definitely a step or two up compared to the St. Giles Hotel. This looks gorgeous!

We were in New York several years ago on a staff get together with husband's work and stayed at the W Hotel in Manhattan. It was really a nice place. We went to a play, shopping in Soho, and ate at a Jewish deli (which I loved) as our host was Jewish. All in all a very enjoyable weekend!

Btw: I once stayed at a Motel 6 that was one of the worst places I have ever stayed in. I was on a trip with a friend who's husband booked the room in an area around where they once lived that had since turned pretty seedy. I never left my room!! HA "Leaving the light on" was not an option here! HA

Anonymous said...

It look's like a very nice place to stay. Wish I was planning a trip to NYC.


NYC, Style and a little Cannoli said...

This is another one I am always looking at as I love the area but have never stayed there. I have stayed at the Barclay which was okay but very small bathrooms. I will give this a try if I can find a good deal
Thanx again!! Good post!!

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