March 9, 2012

Chef Mario Batali Steals Tips From His Staff

I had another post planned for today but I was so enraged when I recently heard that Chef Mario Batali of uber-expensive Eataly and sweaty-smelly-orange-Croc fame just settled a class-action lawsuit that was brought against him by his staff at his various restaurants.

He and his partner, Lydia Bastianich's son, forced their staff to give them a share of their tips.

You have got to be kidding me! Like his fat-ass pockets aren't padded enough.

I have never liked Mario Batali and when he is on The Chew, I can't fast-forward my DVR fast enough.

He annoys me and with this latest news, I am annoyed even further.

Read about it here.

What do you think?


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

That's pathetic, while he was never a favorite of mine, I'm really disgusted now.

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Pretty tacky.

From the Kitchen said...

I have never liked him either! Never really paid attention to his cooking style at all. That being said, I'm appalled at the news. It's not the first negative thing I've heard about him. I won't be eating at his restaurant, watching him cook or regretting whatever he has to pay out on the lawsuit!!


NanaDiana said...

I, personally, think it is disgusting and I never liked him either. My daughters were barristas and waitresses when they were young and they depended on their tips to pay their rent because the establishments don't even pay minimum wage! xo Diana

Mary said...

I think he's annoying and gross, I don't get why some people are crazy about him. I'm not a fan of red headed guys so that could be part of it - LOL. It amazing how some people get so greedy when they have a little fame or power.

Kris said...

I've heard of Mario Batali but I don't watch any of the cooking shows as they make me hungry and I find I have to eat SOMETHING! LOL

Personally, I wonder why someone of his stature would stoop so low to take 4-5% of tips from the wine sales from waiters, servers, etc. What kind of person does that to people who obviously struggle and use the tips to SURVIVE! I think it's disgraceful and disheartening...I honestly don't know why the people at the top keep stealing from the bottom...So sad!! UGH!

Biz said...

I've worked in restaurants for 15 years at various points in my life - I never heard of sharing tips with the owners! That's crazy!

I cannot stand The Chew - I tried to watch it a couple times and Dr. Oz's daughter is like watching paint dry.

Ellen said...

Thought about going to check out Eataly. I think I pass now. How awful - what a self serving jerk.

Mickey said...

I have never liked him ... he has always seemed to be someone that had too much self esteem!

Anonymous said...

I used to hear the intro to The Chew - Mario's voice saying,
"There are two kinds of people -
those are are Italian and those who want to
be." I'd always think, "What an arrogant jerk."

Then I heard he steals his servers' tips. Really
- a TV show, cookbooks, restaurants, etc.
don't provide enough income? Apparently
not - he wears the same ugly Crocs and shorts
every day. So much for Italian fashion.

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