February 28, 2011

Another Trip to the Martha Stewart Show

It was a cold, wintry day, when my niece and I headed to the city to see The Martha Stewart Show for a 2pm taping. After a delicious turkey blt panini at The Dish in Chelsea,we walked over to 26th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

This was my third time at the show and my niece's first. She was so excited.

Wearing our bright colors as requested by the Martha team in their confirmation email, we were seated on the floor. Yeah! As I posted here, these seats are very close to Martha and all of the action.

It pays to be nice to people and follow instructions. You will get good seats. However, no matter where you sit in the studio, you will most likely be watching the monitors because there is a team of about 20 surrounding Martha during the course of the show. Cameramen, cue card people, studio directors.

The studio is set up in three sections. Cooking, crafting and gardening.

Here are some photos of the studio.How gorgeous are these tulips?This is her crafting area.This photo is much further away than it actually is. In reality, this group of seating was about 3 feet away.Imagine this next photo with 5 more cameras and 15 more people. This was pretty much what I saw the entire time - this cutie pie cameraman. Eye candy.Usually Martha and her crew are spot on with the time but the taping which was to start at 2pm, began around 2:30pm.

This show was not as good as the two others I had been to. I felt as if this was a "Hey, we need a show. Let's get some guests."

The 10am taping that day which was live was a Citrus show and the guests received juicers and a $50 gift card to Talbots and were invited back to the afternoon taping because they were some people short.

The first two segments featured John Baricelli. You may have seen him before. He has been with Martha since CT days and is a great baker. He baked a hazelnut cake and I would love to visit his SoNo baking company in South Norwalk, CT - hence the SoNo - South Norwalk. Sort of like SoHo which stands for South of Houston Street. How many of you knew that?

I digress.

Next up was Margaret Roach who is Martha's former editorial director. She gave it all up to live on a farm in Upstate NY. We received her new book as a gift. It sounds like an interesting read and I love the title.After talking about her book, she cooked vegetarian baked beans and we received this bag o' beans.Joey Kola, Martha's audience guy hands out free stuff during the commercial breaks. He handed me this item which I saw a few weeks ago on her show. It is a scallion slicer.The last segment was with some farmer from Idaho or Iowa and poor Martha. It was like pulling teeth with this guy. Boring. He made some kind of bratwurst dish.

After taping, Martha sticks around for a few questions. I have to say, she looks terrific for 69 and is much thinner than what you see on tv.Here are her shoes.Some questions asked were, "How involved are you in the wedding issue?" She said she chooses the cover and photos.

Another question was, "Do you get nervous on camera?" Her reply - no.It was a fun day with my niece who had a great time. She was however, bummed about the beans.

If you are in NY, try to get tickets. I have to say that everyone associated with the show from the audience wranglers on the street to security and everyone inside the studio are some of the friendliest people I have encountered. Super sweet and they do a great job.

Hope you enjoyed spending the day with me and Martha. Stay tuned for more photos of our day in the city.

February 25, 2011

New York City Time Lapse Video

I will be posting about my trip to Manhattan and the Martha Stewart Show next week.

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely video of the city!

NYC - Mindrelic Timelapse from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

February 23, 2011

The Farmstead Egg Cookbook by Terry Golson Cookbook Review

It's time for this week's Cookbook Challenge.

I must say, I was really excited to pull this cookbook off my shelf - The Farmstead Egg Cookbook by Terry Golson.Small in stature at only 124 pages and 7x6 inches, this book is however, big on recipes - all having to do with eggs. From how to cook a hard-boiled egg to making challah to Avgolemono soup.

I purchased this cookbook about 3 years ago from Amazon. It was a "bargain book" and cost me under $5. I recently looked up the book and the price starts at $65! WOW!

I chose one of my favorite pasta dishes ever - Spaghetti alla Carbonara.
I have eaten spaghetti alla carbonara in different regions in Italy and each region's recipe was as different as the people from the region.I didn't have pancetta so I used bacon.And, I didn't have basil. Here is the final product.How tasty does this look?

It was delicious but I needed to hit it with some extra virgin olive oil when I plated the dish because it was a bit dry.

I can't wait to try more recipes from this cookbook. I think Ms. Golson did an awesome job!

What is your favorite dish to make using good 'ol eggs?

"Those who forget the pasta
are condemned to reheat it."
- Author Unknown

February 22, 2011

Oprah and Iyanla - So Good To See You Two Together Again!

I love Oprah.

I love Iyanla.

When Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant appeared together on The Oprah Show, it was magic.I've seen Iyanla in person and have some of her books. She is terrific.

I always wondered what happened to their relationship and was glad that Oprah had Iyanla on her show as the 25th season finale would not be the same without her.

It seems there was some big miscommunication or something. And it doesn't surprise me that Barbara Walters was smack in the middle of it (not a fan).

Oprah, in your spare time when not working on your television show, magazine, school in South Africa or OWN, and you happen to be reading my blog, please find a slot for Iyanla on your new network. She would be fantastic!

image credit

February 21, 2011

HomeGoods Artwork Makeover

I have had this print hanging around for a couple of years now.
I just couldn't find an appropriate frame that didn't cost a bundle.

That is, until I went to my local HomeGoods and spotted this.And at this great price.
Who could pass it up. With the exception of the print that isn't all that special, the frame was in great condition.

So after some surgery, my print is now in a lovely home.The print I had on-hand was free. The frame was $7.00 How's that for economy decor!

Have you picked up anything recently at HomeGoods that you have turned into something else?

February 18, 2011

T-Mobile Welcome Home Flash Mob

. . . who doesn't love another flash mob video?!

Kinda reminds me of the film Love Actually, one of my fav movies.

February 17, 2011

Martha Stewart Show, Here I Come (Again)!

Yes. I am heading back to the Martha Stewart Show.

I posted here about my visit to the show last September.

I will be attending a 2pm taping next week and will be taking my younger niece who is off from school.

She is so excited. She would love to get into Broadcast Journalism and I think she would be great at it!

It will be a lovely New York day with my niece.

Not sure if I will be lucky enough to score floor seats 5 feet away from Martha like last time but I know it will be fun.
Check back next week when I will of course post all about it.

February 16, 2011

The Practical Encyclopedia of Baking Cookbook Review

I am not a baker. It is a bit too precise for my tastes but every once in a while, I will bake something.

Next up on my Cookbook Challenge is a recipe from The Practical Encyclopedia of Baking by Martha Day.

This book is incredible! Huge. Heavy. Tons of photos and how-to instructions. Over 400 recipes.

Since I had some blueberries in the fridge, I decided to try this recipe.Here are some of the ingredients I used.The recipe did not call for this step but I dipped by blueberries in flour. I had heard somewhere that doing this will prevent the blueberries from falling to the bottom of the batter.Blueberry Muffins before . . . Blueberry Muffins after.
This recipe was easy but the muffins weren't that good. What I found interesting was one of the steps said to use a large metal spoon to mix the ingredients. Hmm . . . I used a rubber spatula.

In addition, my Wilton cupcake liners stuck to the muffins big time that I had to make sure not to eat paper along with the muffins. And, the Wilton cupcake liners faded terribly.

All that being said, I am excited to try more recipes from this book. In addition to sweet recipes, there are savory ones as well. And bread recipes from around the world.

I definitely recommend purchasing this cookbook.

What recipes have you tried lately?

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."
- John Gunther

February 14, 2011

SPANX Makes Me Feel Like a Stuffed Sausage


That is all I've heard about for a few years now. So, I decided to find out what all of the talk was about.

Armed with my coupons, I went shopping at my favorite store - Lord and Taylor.

I was determined to buy me some SPANX and feel what all the chatter was about.

I tried on a bodysuit similar to this one with images of future sleekness dancing around in my head.Well, I huffed and I puffed.

I twisted and I turned.

I yanked and I pulled.

I bent over. I bent backwards. I bent sideways.

I felt like I was in a Bikram Hot Yoga class.

When the SPANX was finally on, I looked in the mirror and this is what I saw looking back at me.A sweaty, stuffed, hot Italian sausage.

I thought to myself, imagine this Single Nester is with a hot guy and well, ya know . . . one thing leads to another and I find myself in the bathroom yanking this thing off. I am certain said hot guy would have to call 9-1-1 because of the sounds coming out of the bathroom.

I practically dislocated my shoulder!

What I have gained from this SPANX shopping experience is that I needed a shower, a chiropractic appointment and a massage.

Alas . . . dear SPANX, you are not for me.

So, I am going to just roll with it and let all the rolls hang out and be free.

Be free rolls, I say.

Be free.

bodysuit image
sausage image

February 13, 2011

Valentine Decor

Just a little sumthin' sumthin' I threw together for Valentine's Day.

February 12, 2011


In honor of my 300+ followers and one year blog anniversary, CSN contacted me about hosting a giveaway. And the winner of a $35 gift certificate is . . . Greta of Not Enough Patience and Never Enough Jewelry. Here is her winning Valentine memory. Congrats Greta and thank you CSN and everyone who entered my giveaway.

February 11, 2011

You smiled, you spoke, and I believed

You smiled, you spoke, and I believed,
By every word and smile deceived.
Another man would hope no more;
Nor hope I what I hoped before:
But let not this last wish be vain;
Deceive, deceive me once again

Walter Savage Landor


February 10, 2011

Selling Books on Amazon

Has anyone sold books on Amazon?

I have purchased used books on Amazon but would like to sell some too.


photo credit - freefoto.com

February 9, 2011

I'll Cook When Pigs Fly Cookbook Review

(Make sure to enter my giveaway by clicking here)

I am continuing with my Cookbook Challenge and making a new recipe from each of my cookbooks.

This week, I chose I'll Cook When Pigs Fly . . . and they do in Cincinnati.

I am not sure why I purchased this cookbook. I don't like cookbooks without photos and I am not from Cincinnati and have never been to Ohio.

I chose this recipe. I haven't made Meat Loaf in years.
Here are the ingredients I used.
Meat Loaf before -
Meat Loaf after -

Meat Loaf on my plate - love the crusty end.
I also made my favorite rice to accompany my meatloaf.
As I said, not sure why I purchased this book but the meatloaf was delicious and I will definitely try other recipes.

Yeah Cincinnati!
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