December 7, 2011

Support Your Local Library

I inherited my love of reading from my mom and Ms. Everett, my 4th grade teacher.

Rather than play at recess, Ms. Everett would take those who were interested on a walk across the field to my town's public library.

I belonged to many reading book clubs at this library (and still have the certificates to prove it :) and spent many hours with my mom roaming the aisles and shopping at the book fairs.

This is something I still do to this day and last weekend, I attended this same library's book fair where I purchased two bags of books for $2/each!I feel close to my mom when I read and go to my library's book fairs. In a few days, she will have passed away 20 years ago and I miss her now more than ever.

Where did you get your love of reading from and have you read any of these books?

"The best conversations with mothers
always take place in silence,
when only the heart speaks."
- Carrie Latet


Kris said...

I really don't remember where my love for books and reading came from? It seems I read a lot of Nancy Drew books when I was in grade school and loved them!

Not everyone likes to read. I help my granddaughter with her homework and (she is in the first grade) she has to read at least 60 minutes a week. I try to push the time limit to more because I think it is so important for children to read. I explain to her that she can go to places and dream about things only by reading sometimes. She is a great reader and I am amazed at how large her vocabulary is at first grade level!

I haven't read any of the books that you are displaying here. But, they are "bound" to keep you busy for awhile!

Beauty Blogger Bri said...

This is wonderful Carmie! I used to go to my local library all the time... I really need to start going again :)

Donene said...

What a great stack of books! I love to read and these books are beckoning! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Both my parents are readers and I get my love of reading from them, Carmie. My Mom and I even share books and book suggestions. Her library has great sales, apparently, but mine never did on Long Island. They wouldn't even accept book donations! I don't know if they do any book fairs here, although one of the first things I did was go get a library card!

Katherines Corner said...

I spent a lot of time reading when I was young ( books were my sanctuary from difficult times) I continue to be a lover of books but no need to escape anything. I am easily submerged in the stories. I have emphasized the importance of "reading is fundamental" with our grandchildren they love trips to the library. xo

alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

Oh Carmie, I love my library too. I swear, we were there all the time when I was a kid and it is the same one I go to today. It just makes me happy to walk out with a huge stack of library books. It looks like you got some great books at the sale! I read "Back When We Were Grown Ups" but it was so long ago I don't remember what it was about. So nice that you have these memories about your Mom.


Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Thanks for your sweet words on my snowflake chandelier post! We are a family of book lovers, with bookshelves stuffed full a necessity. My parents started me early, dropping me off at the public library for "free time" with books. Now, books are always number one on our gift lists. Good to meet another one of us!

the cape on the corner said...

i think you know how i feel about the library, which is in flippin love! i use mine all the time, and even for magazines. i don't think i've read any of those books, tho. please let me know if you'd recommend them when you're done. right now, i'm reading "the weird sisters" and i'm enjoying it!

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