December 22, 2011

Christmas Reading with Joe Wheeler's Christmas in My Heart Series

Each Christmas, I read from Christmas books I have collected through the years.

I try to read one story each day and reflect on what I have read and the true meaning of Christmas.

I especially like Joe Wheeler's Christmas in My Heart series.I recently read a story from Mr. Wheeler's Third Treasury titled "The Fir Tree Cousins."

It's about a woman who feels so frazzled every Christmas with all of the gifts that she has to buy that she buys the same things each year for her husband's cousins whom she has never met.

One year, the boxes get switched and she didn't realize it until her cousins sent her a thank you letter expressing how touched they all were with the thought that went into each specific gift.

"A remembrance, no matter how small, if carefully and thoughtfully chosen to meet the need or desire of the recipient, carries with it more of the real Christmas spirit than the costliest gift or one chosen at random."

How true! It is easy to buy gifts for people. But, when you actually put thought into the gift, that takes some effort. In a time when people are standing in line on Thanksgiving Day, trampling each other to purchase $5.00 waffle irons, let's stop and reflect what Christmas is all about.

One year, a good "friend" of mine gave me chicken soup mix in a mug that she had swiped off a shelf at CVS. Really? This is what I mean to you?

"To feel that a certain thing has been chosen especially for you, to fit your own individuality and particular desire, if not always need - this , it has always seemed to me, is the true spirit of Christmas."


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes! I love today's post, it is exactly how I feel about Christmas and gift giving. Homemade gifts are my favorite, but if you want to buy me something, as long as you thought about it and picked it out for me, based on who I am, I don't care if it cost $1.00 or $100.00. It truly is the thought that counts. Thank you for reinforcing that. Merry Christmas and happy, happy holidays!

Jenny said...

Chicken soup eh? One year (for birthday) from my then closest friend, I got 1/3 of a packet of chocolates (she'd eaten the other 2/3) and a CD that she'd listened to and burned multiple copies of for workmakes.
I can laugh about it now, but it sure sent a message!

Blessings this Christmas and for the year to come.

Calypso In The Country said...

Hi Carmie,
You are right, it does mean so much more when someone has really put thought into the gift. I think that is why all the Christmas shopping stresses me out. I want every gift to be so meaningful...doesn't always happen though! My husband surprised me for my birthday this year with tickets to see Seinfeld doing stand up in Philadelphia. Even though I hinted around about some other things I wanted, he totally surprised me and since I am one of the hugest Seinfeld fans on the planet, it was the perfect gift! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Beth said...

Two things: This year my mom gave me a tacky looking sign that said

Please Snow I am a Teacher...although it looks tacky...I loved it because she finally gets it or me I should say! So it will go in a prominent place in my classroom...

2nd thing: Next Christmas I am asking for no lists and I am just going to shop for each person...taking a day for each one and really shop for them... They liked their gifts this year but it was too easy for me to shop for them...

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