September 24, 2011

Good Riddance Jill Zarin and Crazy Kelly

So thrilled that Bravo is axing those crazy NYC Housewives nutjobs, Jill Zarin and Kelly I-Married-A-Rich-Photographer-and-Now-I-Am-Crazy Bensimon.

They were so insecure and obnoxious and an embarrassment to women everywhere.

Time to get a real job now!

Bravo Bravo!


Leslie said...

Really.. They're off? I hadn't heard. Is it the whole nyc cast or just those two? I love your description of Kelly. Perfect. Not a big fan of either of them.
Have a great saturday

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Hahaha!! You are cracking me up!

Blondie's Journal said...

Are they really gone?? I used to love it when Jill and Bethenny were friends.


Phil and Darby Hawley said...

Really?! Did they get kicked off or did they leave? Those two were such instigators and insane to top it off. Best news of the day :-)

The Working Home Keeper said...

But now that Jill is gone, I'm wondering who Ramona is going to butt heads with?

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Kris said...

I never watched this series. I remember hearing recently that the husband of one of those wives killed himself? Isn't that a shame! So sad!

Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

I really liked Jill the first season, but she got evil after that one season. Never liked Kelly, so I won't miss either one!

Ellen said...

As much as I dislike Jill and Kelly, I don't think the show will be as much fun to watch without them. I'm anxious to see who replaces them and then I'll decide if it's worth watching.

Gail said...

I have to say, I liked Jill the best. I thought she was the prettiest and seemed to have the most common sense of all of them.

I was hoping they'd axe Phoney-baloney Alex and her glum-faced hubby.

Rebecca said...

This is the first I am hearing of this! I am so happy! Kelly is nuts and Jill is so insecure. You said it BRAVO Bravo!

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