August 3, 2011

Goodbye Borders. Goodbye Talbots (sort of).

I am so sad to see Borders go. I am sad to see any bookstore fold.

But, I do love a bargain!

While items continue to be discounted every day, I went to my local Borders and picked up these two magazines that were 40% off.The Church Supper magazine is amazing! Can't wait to try the recipes.

On to Talbots. While Talbots is not closing, they are shuttering hundreds of their stores; including the one near me.

Clothing was a bit sparse although I did purchase a lovely top for $10. But, what amazed me were all of the store's fixtures that were on sale. Everything from mannequins to frames to vases . . .

I purchased 4 hangars that were new and never used. They were 2/$1.00Next up were these huge, in-great-condition, wooden boxes. They probably held scarves or jewelry at one time. They were $5/each and my head is spinning with the possibilities.Thanks for the bargains but so upset that great stores are closing.


Leslie said...

I picked up a few books in Borders last week. I too am sad to see any bookstore close.
The Barnes and noble's around here seem to be doing very well ~ they are alway jam packed.

Have a great wednesday

Karan said...

The closest borders to us us 35-40 miles. We had a bookstore in our town but it closed last year. Now to get to one we have to go at least 30 miles away. Too bad as I love reading and would much prefer a book to a machine for reading.

Thankis for visiting my Holiday blog yesterday. Youy asked about the birdfeeder I had. I bought it at our Lowe's store but most any store that carries hummingbird feeders will carry this one. It comes with a wire hanger and I just hang it from a flower pot when I am not holding it to feed the birds.

You can try putting a bird feeder way out from your house or get a squirel feeder. That may keep them away from fedders closer to your home. We have ourf squirel feeders way out on the lot line .


The Working Home Keeper said...

I was going to pass up the Borders sale since my husband read on-line the liquidation prices were actually higher than their regular prices. But maybe I'll stop in and check out the magazines!

Our Talbots closed several years ago. I was especially sad to see the Talbots for Kids go. I bought our kids' baptismal gowns there. They had such beautiful special occasion clothing.

Mary Ellen
The Working Home Keeper

Tracy said...

I went to our Borders a couple of weeks ago and wasn't impressed with the prices. But I may head back to see what is there now since I'm sure they have cut the discounts deeper.

~ M ~ said...

I know! My nearest Borders was close to work and I'd run there at lunch time 'to get away' and soooo many Saturdays looking at magazines, books, & people watching. : (

Phil and Darby Hawley said...

I racked in at Borders last weekend. So sad they're leaving :-( but like you, I sure do love a good deal :-)

Beauty Blogger Bri said...

Oh no, Borders is going out of business? I had no idea :( Well, at least we still have Barnes & Noble... I'm sure you could do a lot of neat things with those boxes! What does the top you bought look like?

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