June 22, 2011

Efficient Blogging on Blogger

Time is precious.

Simple statement but one that I have learned to live by.

When reading my favorite blogs, which are quite numerous, I like to do it in such a way where my time is not wasted.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with a blog's content but rather, how the blog is structured.

Now, all of us would like to have lots of blog traffic but there are some things I have found that make reading blogs very inefficient and time wasters.

If you fall into any of these categories, just an fyi on how you can improve your blog.

#1 - Comment Location - I have my blog set up so that when someone wants to leave a comment, a separate window pops up. The great thing about this Blogger feature is that the reader is not taken away from my blog.

I cannot tell you how many bloggers have the comment field embedded below the post. When done commenting, the reader has to go back to the blog, find the last post they read and then continue on. Why do you want people clicked away from your blog? What if I have lots of comments I want to leave because your blog is so fantastic? All that toggling back and forth is a waste of time.

This is a simple fix on Blogger: Settings . . . Comments . . . Comment Form Placement . . . Chose Pop-Up Window

#2 - Click Here to Read More - Another time waster once again taking your reader away from your blog. I click on Read More and once done reading, I have to click home or the back arrow key to go back to your blog. I see the sands in the hourglass slipping away.

#3 - Link Party Backlink - I love link parties. I have a whole page on my blog dedicated to all of the link parties I visit each day. Some blogs now require a link back to their blog listed in your specific post or the link will not populate. I understand the link party owner's viewpoint that they want to get credit for hosting the blog. But, if I were to list every link party I link to, each post would be pages long. So, if you require a backlink, I won't be partying with you.

#4 - Know your date - It is very easy on Blogger to create blog posts and publish them when you want them to appear on your blog. So, if you say "Happy Wednesday" but you have Tuesday's date listed, it leads the reader to assume that they have read the post and will move on to the next blog.

A simple fix on Blogger: At the end of each blog post, you will see Post Options. Just type in the date and time of when you want the post to appear on your blog.

#5 - Links taking readers away from your blog - Not sure how I can fix this one but rather then set up a link in a post to open in a separate window, some bloggers have it set up (maybe I do too) so that the reader is taken away from your blog and directed to the link's webpage. If someone knows how to fix this, let me know.

I am not a blogger who utilizes all the tech info out there to make my blog fantastic. There may even be some of you who dislike my blog. I get that.

But as someone who reads lots of great blogs, I just wanted to share with you ways to make yours more user-friendly.

Let me know if my suggestions have helped any of you.

"A blog is merely a tool that let's you do anything
from change the world
to share your shopping list."
- Unknown


Barbara Shallue said...

I agree with you on these (and hope I'm not guilty without knowing it!) I haven't found out how to link out on blogger and have it open a separate window. My only complaint so far. On Typepad it's easy.
I also took my word verification off - Blogger is good about catching the spam and it takes extra seconds, too.

the cape on the corner said...

i like the pop up window, b/c i like to toggle back and forth easily. there is a way to click on something and not have it leave your blog, but it involves putting something in the code, and i can't deal with that. i always right click on any link since i am never sure if it will open in a new window or take me away from the blog. also, music. i love music. just not on blogs. great post, girl!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Good info-I changed my comments to pop up. If I have a link in myu posts that links to another post on my blog or another blog, I use simple Html code to make it open in a pop up window. the code is: target="_blank" inserted after the" of the link. Example: http:dobermans-by-the-sea.blogspot.com"target="_blank"

Amanda said...

I checked my comment set up right away, I think it's okay!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I am following some of the rules. :)
I have made things easier on my reader in that they can just hit the "LIKE" button if they don't have time to leave a comment.

But I do find that if I show something on my blog that I have made before and not include the previous post link I get a million comments and emails saying "Where was that post..." So in order to save myself some time, I give the reader what they want.

So agree with your assesment of the newest royal couple. She must want Monaco something fierce. :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Interesting. I had to stop and do word verification.

Last Friday I wrote a post that included a poll on word verification. 75% of bloggers will actually not leave a comment if they have to do this.

Food for thought. :)

designchic said...

This is such great information and I'm going to have to check my own blog to see if I'm guilty. The pop up box to make a comment is indeed a great way to not have to navigate back through, so I'm going to go check mine right now. Thanks for the tips!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the tips! I changed my comments from embedded to pop up. I am sure I am guilty of other issues you brought up as well. I have been blogging for over a year, but I am not very good with the technical aspect. Something to work on!

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

I agree with you on all this stuff! The linky party links especially... who really wants to see that when they visit your blog? I might, however, want to see where all you visit so that I can join and then I want to go to a page where everything is listed!

And I want to throw my two cents in about word verification - I really do NOT like it - it's just annoying... I still comment on blogs with it though! : ) But I got rid of it and don't have spam problems... just a thought! Love your blog and these quick tips!

Seaside Style said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment about my mirror! Would love you to follow! Thank you for this important info, I agree about al ot of it. As I am new to blogging the pop up window great! I never realized this. Thank you again!

Threeundertwo said...

To Barbara, the commenter above: I had problems when I removed the word verification. I got enormous amounts of spam and my email account got hacked repeatedly (the last might have been unrelated). It also removed all anonymous postings - and there seem to be some loyal readers who just like to post anonymously.

I do post my "Finished for Friday" link party on Thursday evenings my time (Pacific) because it seems like to link up in those hours while I'm sleeping. Sorry if that gets confusing.

Ellen said...

Simple comment - well stated.

Karina.Zhen said...

Interesting, I would wonder about certain things too like the pop up.Thanks for answering them!

Miss Kitty said...

Thank you so much for posting these tips! I am going to check my comment area of my blog as soon as I leave here to change it if necessary. I SO agree with you on having to have a link back to the host blog to post at a party...really, does help traffic? It is a hassle to have to go back and add a "button" to my post...it discourages me from posting at parties. Is there a better way, hostesses?

MicheleV said...

great post and very good advice - I have now changed my comment to pop up! thanks!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

I freaking HATE HATE HATE blogs that have the "read more" buttons! I won't read blogs that have those! I HATE them! With a PASSION! It pisses me off! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! (throws self on floor!) If I get sucked into reading one, I do a right click and "open in new tab" and then have 20 flipping tabs open. ARGH! Why do people do that? I can't stand it!

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