June 29, 2011

Bounce Catalogue from Title 9

I love the catalogue Title 9 so when I received their Bounce catalogue, I had to laugh at the cover - "for your girls from the gals at Title 9."It's sometimes hard to find a good bra; a sexy bra that fits gals with bigger girls.

Two brands that I love are Wacoal and Felina.Now if I can only find a really good sports bra. I'm tired of my chin getting black and blue when I work out :)

image 1
image 2


Beth said...

blech bra shopping...I usually just get mine from Target! ugh I know!

Blondie's Journal said...

I like to order my bras online once I find a good one. I hate the tangled up bras and messes others make with them. And hey...give some of us "big" girls some pretty colors!!


Beauty Blogger Bri said...

Ooo, I need that last one :) I hear ya about the sports bra...I actually "double up" with mine!

Janet Ellis said...

Pretty...I'm at the other end of the scale and can't find a pretty bra either :-))). Always looks greener on the other side :-).

Leslie said...

I've never heard of that catalog before but I will look it up. I found some at macy's that I love.

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