April 26, 2011

New York Spring Water

After a meeting in Manhattan, I popped into Duane Reade to pick up a bottle of water.

I find that it is most always cheaper to buy beverages at Duane Reade than at a fast-food place or a corner bodega.

I was delighted to see the Statue of Liberty staring at me from the beverage center.How fun is this bottle? NY water baby!
"We never know the worth of water
till the well is dry."
- Thomas Fuller


EmptyNester said...

We drink spring water all the time. Hubs' grandmother's property have natural springs on it. Never knew that New York had one!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

That's fun! I love the "we promise":@)

Miss Kitty said...

That's a very cool label...I'm sure they will sell a lot of that water. I was in New York back in February and went to see the Kardashian girl's store "Dash" as a curiosity. I felt like I needed to buy SOMETHING there and the cheapest thing was a bottle of water for $10. It DID have their picture on it and I DID get to walk around NYC with a "Dash" shopping bag but I DID have to drink it before I got on the plane to come home. The bottle is in my fridge with Alabama water in it now.

Heather said...

This counts for buying local food.

Lili said...

Hey, that is a very cool bottle of water! And I just love your header pics and all the flowers you get a TJ's, we don't have one of those here. But I am so addicted to cutting whatever I may come across out in the yard to bring inside for some color. ~Lili

Jo said...

I wish I were in NYC having some cool bottled water right now.
speaking of water,we were on the water @ the gulf,catching fish.Having fun1

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