April 8, 2011


I have kept journals since I was 15.

Usually just pen to paper but after seeing this video, I may need to get more creative.

Do you journal?

"Writing comes more easily
if you have something to say."
- Sholem Asch


Hopping Along said...

I've started many journals and then something happens and I don't continue... love this idea. Thanks for sharing:-)

Kim Sloggett said...

I love to journal! I've kept them for years and years. I add ticket stubs, receipts, leaves from a fall walk, hospital bracelets, and so many other things. Check out my blog at www.sloggettbloggett09.blogspot.com to see a picture of mine and my repost of your video.

I'm also a single nester since my brilliant daughter got married to her sweetheart and had a terrific little boy. I have a close friend to talk with, but it isn't the same as sharing your life with a family member.

Janet Ellis said...

I L.O.V.E this idea. Everything is handy right there. I have special cards on a bulletin board. I make notes of great events. This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing it. Have a great weekend. We'll be having a gathering tomorrow to celebrate my sister's "would have been" 50th birthday. Meeting at the cemetery, then out for breakfast, and over to Mom's for a little dessert reception. Thinking of you and your brother now. Have a sweet weekend Carmie. ~Blessings, Janet

EmptyNester said...

I journal every day. However, I am now very interested in SmashING...LOL

LaDonna said...

I NEED one of these or about a thousand. I used to journal almost daily, but I dropped it for a while. BUT blogging has become one of my ways of journaling, and let me tell you it's brought such an outlet-like I did when I journaled. Thank you for sharing this, I think I might get into the habit again.

tlateach said...

I don't journal, but I make mayself goals in note form. I need to start scrapbooking whick is a cousin the journaling. I really admire your opening up about yourself. I agree that everone has a place in this vast blog land and a right to nest. I've been reluctant to start a blog again, because I don't have a big fancy house, no kids, and just feel like I don't measure up to so many bloggers out there. But I do, and you do too. Not all of us will have a white picket fence with kids, a husbands, and 2.5 pets. We all have a home and value to share. Thank you. And you never know what the future holds.

tlateach said...

Thank you for your kind comment. You are my first in years! LOL

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