April 22, 2011

Anniversary in Heaven

It has been one year since my brother died.

I love you and I miss you.

Rest in Peace.image


Blondie's Journal said...

Although we grieve in different ways, I think I know how you feel. I am thinking of you, Carmie.


Barbara said...

Time has eased the sharp pain of my brother's death, but memories of that pain are still there. I'll think of you today and pray for angels' hugs to comfort you.

michelle said...

You are on my mind and heart today my friend. I pray that you are surrounded by those that love you and comfort you.
Hugs to you!

Beth said...

Loss is so so hard... Peace for you today and the days to come

Lisalulu said...

thinking of you today!

Amanda said...

Been thinking of you, hope your doing well.

Janet Ellis said...

I feel such a kinship with you as you experience this first year anniversary. Carmie, I was just compelled to go searching through your entries to recall when I first ran across your blog. I remembered that it hadn't been too long after your brother's passing...and then I came across your July 6th entry when you wished your brother a Happy 50th Birthday. We just celebrated what would have been my sister, Barb's 50th on April 9th. She passed on Aug. 2nd, 1998 and I find it somehow cosmically intriguing that She was born in the Spring and passed in the Summer and that your brother was born in the Summer and passed in the Spring and that they would bother be turning 50. It is somehow comforting (that since this is our reality) that we can in some ways share it. I pray that many happy, laughter inducing memories bubble up for you in the next days as you remember your dear brother. Blessings, Janet

Amy said...

My guess is that you are reliving that day today... where you were at what time, when you got the call, what happened then, etc, etc. I know we did that for the first few years after my father-in-law died. Eventually the specific day held a little less meaning, but I remember that first anniversary being rough. ::hugs:: Praying for a peaceful day for you and a blessed Easter.

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