January 26, 2011

Simplify? Really?

While strolling through The Christmas Tree Shops' home decor section on a recent excursion, I spotted a wooden plaque with the following word carved out - SIMPLIFY."Really?", I thought.

How does the wooden word simplify, simplify your life?

How does another dang thing to dust simplify your life?

So, I passed it by and bought something else.

Oh well.

I tried.

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"Be content with what you have,
rejoice in the way things are.
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you."
- Lao Tzu


Lisa-Marie said...

I don't really understand the need for word plaques generally. I do have individual letters the say things for certain times, but otherwise i just don't get it!

Blondie's Journal said...

Maybe it was meant for an empty shelf!


Jo said...

Actually!...call me crazy, but I like "simple"!..Carmie will you go back and get that sign for me!hehe

michelle said...

It was a good try! :)

Lisalulu said...

I thought the SAME THING!!!! funny thought!

EmptyNester said...

A for the effort!

Barbara Shallue said...

That made me laugh - I totally agree with you! I would have done the same thing!

Janet Ellis said...

Maybe there needs to be a sign that says "Think Before You Buy." But who would make that sign? No one would buy it, right? And what store would carry a sign like that? Can you imagine carrying that sign around the store and watching other shoppers who see it, They would pause and then start pulling things out of their carts and putting them back on random shelves? Wouldn't it be funny to make a bunch of those signs and go put them up all over Target? I wonder how long it would take employees to notice them? Have a great day Carmie. ~Blessings, Janet Oh, and I love word art :-) But I don't like dusting :-).

Emma Michaels said...

I am a follower! I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back!

Emma Michaels

Lisa Ladrido said...

Great willpower! Following you from the Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life

BabyDealsDujour said...


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allenaim photography and design said...

...love this post....

Rambling Girl said...

LOL...that was my word for the year! Glad I didn't see that sign I would have bought it and your so right just another dust bunnie.

Kathleen said...

I have that sign from CTS too! Didn't work! :)
How will I know you if I see you there? LOL
It was nice out today. Ready for the next storm?

mysoulforsale said...

I think that the point of it is to remind you to keep your life simple each time you look at it. These kinds of things can shift the "vibe" in your home, making you feel more at peace. It's the difference between using this plaque as a decoration versus a death metal poster... very different feelings from each of these!

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