January 11, 2011

Nothing Says Fresh Start Like a New Calendar

Each year, I try to pick a different planner.

Sometimes it's French Impressionism. Sometimes Sierra Club. Sometimes Flowers.

For 2010, I chose a childhood favorite to accompany me through the year. This year, I chose a Folk Art Calendar that I have used in year's past.
A new page.

A fresh start.

"I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's.
- Henry Moore


Jo said...

New page, new day, brand new start.


michelle said...

Love your calendar! Each page is a new day with new opportunities to write in it!! I hope you fill them up with with dreams, wishes, accomplishments and of course FUN!!!

Have a great day!

Janet Ellis said...

I am soooooo happy to see someone still using a paper calendar. I've been trying to "go digital" and it just doesn't work for me. This is a great post. Sunday I was going through my home office bookcases attempting to cull the masses when I came across the shelf full of past year's calendars. I keep them as a sort of diary and from time to time I flip through the pages...just to reminisce..silly I know and probably a waste of time, but I enjoy recalling youth group days, piano lessons, retreats, and all the things I was involved in at any one point in time. Thanks Carmie, for the nostalgic inspiration :-) I'm going to find a fresh new calendar today :-)

Mary Ellen said...

Even though I'm pretty dependant on my Iphone for organizing things, I can't seem to get past needing to see things on paper. I'm a big calander nut! (I'm a nut for all paper, really!) But I agree with Janet! I really enjoy recalling events of years past!

Happy New Year Carmie!!! Maybe this will be the year that we find a few good men to date!! Hahaha!


Yellow House Knits said...

I agree that there's something so refreshing about starting a new calendar. The whole year is in front of you, literally a blank page to write on.

I LOVE that Nancy Drew calendar. I've never seen one like it, but it's fabulous!

Janet Ellis said...

I bought my calendar today :-) It is Anne Geddes ~ Beginnings So Sweet...but geez slim selection at the bookstore...guess I should have thought about this before New Year's :-)

Heather said...

I've been using an electronic pda/phone for years now and can't function without it. at times I miss paper.

Last year i bought a couple of Nancy Drew note books, The Secret in the Old Attic great little books.

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