January 31, 2011

Giada De Laurentiis Apron at Target

After blogging on Friday about my Cookbook Challenge that I was going to start, I decided that it's best not to keep wiping my fingers on my pants but to get an apron.

I went to Target and found this.

Get a load of the price?!
As Jacques Pepin says, "Happy Cooking!"


Angie said...

You have to love a sale like that!

Linen + Verbena

Tracy said...

Love super clearance stuff.

Janet Ellis said...

Darling apron! I haven't seen aprons at our Target, hmmmm. I did get some great test tube spice holders on sale that I put decorator baking sugars in though. Looks kinda cute :-). Have a great day! ~Blessings, Janet

Beth said...

jealous! Heading to Target to find me one!

michelle said...

Love this apron! Love Target and I love that price!! Woo Hoo!!! You are ready to go!! :)

the cape on the corner said...

can't beat that! target clearance is the best!

Mom2fur said...

I saw it, too, but it wasn't that cheap! Good for you!
BTW, I am so sick of snow it isn't funny. Aren't we all? Even looking at the pretty birds gathering on the snow for seeds in my backyard is getting old.
I hope that Ground Hog doesn't see his shadow tomorrow!

Maggie said...

Great apron, even better price,
and think of the savings you'll make on dry cleaning.

Rambling Girl said...

Pretty apron, great price and I am sure pretty lady in the apron!
I like Jacques Pepin.

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Me loves a bargain! I also love wearing an apron, it makes me feel like a chef-if only I looked like Giada in that apron!

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