January 10, 2011

After Christmas Bargains (Loot)

It seems that every year, after I put away all of my Christmas items, I head out to pick up more crap stuff.

Here is some of the stuff.

Two Bronze vases from Michaels. Originally $8.99 each, I paid $2.69 each (70% off). They are gorgeous and perfect for Thanksgiving. The Dollar Tree was next with 50cents each for a tablecover, turquoise ribbon, and gold ornaments.
Joann's had pretty little gift bags. They were 60cents each and I just had to get the turquoise ones.
The best loot of all was at Target! Everything was 75% off and I picked up guest towels - $1.00.
Gold glitter leaf ornaments - 75cents each. Perfect for Thanksgiving.
Who doesn't love Blue Balls? $1.50 each.
These were the best deal as the snowflakes came in multiple packs. 25cents each!
Foil snowflakes - 50cents each.
Turquoise snowflakes - $1.25 each for the big ones and 50cents each for the smaller ones.
At The Christmas Tree Shops, where everything was 50% off, I picked up a tablecloth for $1.49, turquoise ribbon for 99cents, plates and napkins for 50cents each, a bike bag which I bought because it was turquoise for 50cents and three bunches of yarn for 75cents each so I can make a yarn ball wreath next Christmas.
Also at The Christmas Tree Shops were great decorative boxes that I use for storing Christmas things. These three were 2 at 50cents each and one for 99cents.
These two were $1.74 and $1.99 and are quite big.
Not pictured are 3 silver Christmas trees purchased at Borders for $1.98 each and 2 turquoise Christmas trees for $3.75 each. They were 75% off and can you believe I found more turquoise Christmas trees!

Also not pictured, candy already eaten :)

Total (so far) for all of this stuff - approximately $50.

Not bad.

Did you score any items from after-Christmas sales?


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

holy macrel you found some great and inexpensive christmas stuff! Can I go shopping with you next year? :)

michelle said...

Great finds and bargains!! I love the glittery leaves! I did not go out this year, not sure why...

Jo said...

SHWEEET!.....you are all set for next Christmas,can't wait to see!


Marie Anne said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot! I wasn't really looking for any bargains but I hit the aisle of candy at WalMart that was all marked down and bought way too much, then of course ate it all.

Tis ok, though, I'm back on my low-carb diet and doing great.

SmilingSally said...

Hi Carmie,

You failed to place a link to Blue Monday on your post.

Please add the link: http://smilingsally.blogspot.com/

and return to play by linking in to Mr. Linky.


mommyroo said...

You really scored! I did as well, my son and I stopped by CVS Pharmacy yesterday and all the Christmas stuff had just been marked down by 75%. I bought all kinds of stuff, (cleaned them out on mini glass ornaments) then stopped at another CVS in town and bought more. By then my son had enough. I took him home to stay with Dad and then I hit two more CVS'. One that had nothing and the other had just marked all the toys down, I really scored there - won't have to pay full price for birthday gifts for some time lol...

Monica said...

Great finds! I'm loving all the turquoise things you have.

I also like the vases. I would have bought several of those. You could paint them white and have faux milk glass.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So we know who cleared out Target, now, thank you very much, Carmie! :) I love those glittery snowflakes. As if the snow we've gotten {and are expecting} was not enough, these are still great to decorate with after Christmas.

the cape on the corner said...

MAN, that's a LOT of stuff! what great finds for next year. love those vases and those turquoise puffy looking snowflakes. haven't seen those at my target!

Sheri said...

The Santa boxes are beautiful and I love those snowflake ornaments. I'd love to see how you decorate with them next year!

Ellen said...

Excellent haul. Love the aqua blue.

Tardevil said...

Great finds, especially the turquoise. Still laughing @ the 'who doesn't like blue balls' comment. ;O)

Catalina said...

Great job.If we wern't snowed in, Id be out there rummaging through clearance buckets right now.
/whistful sigh.
I did pick up some wonderful mini beanie babies Christmas toys for like a buck at Borders. They have all the awesome stuff. And their cards are really pretty too (but too expensive for me).
Yay for Clearance!

Anonymous said...

I scored way too much to list it all but my best finds were Christmas quilts for only $5.88, fleece blankets for $1.25, Potholders & kitchen towels for $.37, cloth table cloths for $2.25, 100 count Christmas lights for $.62, a full seat heated back massager for $12.25, a heated foot soak/massager for $4.25 and a roll up back mat massager for $4.25 all at Walmart and a bank that counts change for $1.25 at Rite Aid.


Audrey @ Foreclosed to Fabulous said...

I love after Christmas Clearance sales too!! Target is my mecca for Clearance finds :-) You got some great ones!!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

wow! you made out CRAZY good! seriously!

that's amazing.

Bonnie in SC said...

Had to snicker at the blue balls comment, hehehe. I should have been out looking for after holiday bargains. Drats. :)

KatrinkaJane said...

I'll be posting the rest of mine soon, but for the moment I have a sneak peek up of my "Off-Season Scores". Link up, if you want! http://katrinkajane.blogspot.com/2011/01/off-season-scores-1st-linky-party.html

Elizabeth said...

I got those bronze vases too! Such a steal!

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