March 31, 2010

The Pussycat Dolls and a Questioning Niece

While checking out Kim of Homesteader's Heart blog, I read a post of hers about a question her son asked. "How are boogers made?"

Kids come up with the craziest questions. As a Single Nester, I do not have children but I have two great nieces. Kim's blog post got me thinking about what crazy questions I have been asked.

About five years ago when the PussycatDolls came out with their first hit song, "Don't Cha," my younger niece who was around 9 at the time asked me on a warm summer day that I will never forget, "What does it mean when she sings 'Don't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?' ?"

Oh boy!

I gulped real hard and said something like "it means crazy." She seemed to believe me and I got out of that one unscathed.

It is a moment I will never forget! When she is no longer innocent old enough, I will remind her of this cherished question of youth.

What questions have you been asked by young 'uns?

"A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer." - Author Unknown

March 30, 2010

Easter turns Turquoise

Ahh . . . don't you just love these alabaster, very heavy, turquoise Easter eggs?
I purchased the eggs at the Christmas Tree Shops for 69cents each. That's $4.83 total and I will be going back for more! Can one ever have enough turquoise Easter eggs?

I found turquoise Easter grass (who knew?) at Michaels for 69cents. Hmmm . . . this Single Nester is wondering if there is anything to that number ;)

The basket was purchased a few years ago at Hallmark for less than $5 (I think) and the turquoise butterfly was part of a 4 butterfly package at Michaels ($2.99 - 40% coupon).

A bit over-the-top with turquoise? I don't think so.

Any turquoise finds or projects this week? If so, link on up!

March 29, 2010

Palm Cross for Mom

Every Palm Sunday, my family and I place a Palm Cross at my mom's grave for Palm Sunday.I always purchase a plain one because I like to personalize the cross myself. Plus, the decorated Palm Crosses in the store are cheesy not that nice. My mom liked to craft and I remember her belonging to a group called Home Extension, when I was young. So, I feel that decorating it myself is a way to honor her. What do you think?
"But from this earth, this grave this dust,
My God shall raise me up, I trust."
- Walter Raleigh

March 26, 2010

From Riyadh to Paris

. . . all in the turn of a page.

I love books. I always have. I remember skipping recess in the 4th grade so I could walk to the library with my teacher Ms. Everett to check out more books.

I just finished reading - Sex and the City Saudi style. (Is there such a thing?) I enjoy reading books set in foreign lands and how women live around the world. I liked this read. It describes the lives of four friends who are navigating the religious rules of their country with the yearning to be more westernized. Falling in love and then not being chosen for marriage because the groom's family doesn't think you are suitable. But alas, love is strong but doesn't conquer all; especially in Saudi Arabia.

If you read this book, I would suggest not letting a long time go by between reads. It is a bit confusing to keep all of the names together and who is dating whom.

I go from unrequited love to all out orgies in - I knew I was in for it when the "f' bomb is dropped on the first page and the main character is trying to decide which earrings will hold up better in an orgy; hoops or studs.

Yikes! What a difference from Riyadh.

I will let you know how this one plays out.

What are you reading now? What books take you away?

"A dirty book is rarely dusty." - Author Unknown

March 25, 2010

Puke in My Mouth

Don't get scared by the title of this blog post.

I am not actually throwing up right now. I am in fact, grinning from ear to ear.

I love my blogging buddies!

You all inspire me with your creativity and strength and passion and when I need it the most, you know just the right things to say; especially when I share tales from my online dating drama

After reading yesterday's post, La Tempete of TempestAhoy sent me a link to the following video. I could not stop from laughing! I found myself strolling the aisles of Lowes humming to myself.

La Tempete, you made my morning, day, week, possibly month with this link. Thank you!

I hope all of you smile too.

March 24, 2010

30 Pages

. . . 18 profiles per page and only one man I remotely want to contact.

This was me the other day while checking out some profiles on I have to admit, I am frustrated. This online dating thing has got me depressed.

Full disclosure here. I spend more time blogging, tweezing my eyebrows, cleaning my vacuum cleaner (insert anything here ___), than I do looking at these online profiles. Maybe I am not spending time looking through these profiles because the quality of men I come across is lacking.

I get all icky when I read some of these profiles.

Profiles that:

a) Have photos spotlighting your various body parts. You don't see me pulling out my cell phone to take pictures of my double D's in my bathroom mirror.

b) Have photos of you with various women and their double D's. Ugh.

c) Have major grammatical errors. Dude, there is a difference between to, too and two.

d) Have photos of you where you can barely be seen because the photo was taken from so far away. You in a Brazilian rain forest does me no good if all I can see are the trees.

e) Have photos of you in a group and not letting me know which guy is you. How many times I thought you were the cute guy to your left.

f) Have men in their 40s, 50s, 60s looking for a woman in the age range of 18-35. Please. You are still going to need Viagra.

g) Have men looking for a woman who "can wear a baseball cap by day and an evening gown at night." Are you kidding me? How does yoga pants and tank top sound because that is what I am sporting right now.

h) Have men looking for a woman who likes "candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach." Ooh, I am so turned on. So. Cliche!

Can you please tell me something about yourself? Can you please be creative and funny and smart? Can you please be original, intelligent and truthful about your age and height?

Can you please be something other than what I am currently seeing? Please?

Maybe I am just too picky. Well, I know I kind of am but it doesn't hurt to dream and want a little of this . . .

I have a very big imagination!

March 23, 2010

Turquoise Tuesday Party #3 and Compliments

How do you accept compliments? Do you say "thank you?" Or do you give some kind of explanation about what they are complimenting you on?

Here is my Turquoise item for this week's party and a story to go along with it:

This ring was purchased last year at Forever 21 for less than $5.00 . I love that place for fun gifts and cheap economical jewelry finds. My faux-turquoise ring is bold and lovely and hey, ya can't beat the price.

Last summer, I wore it to an engagement party where a woman I did not know complimented me on it. I immediately said, "You are not gonna believe this. It was less than $5.00."

I immediately hated that I had just said that. Why did I feel the need to tell this stranger how much my ring cost? Why couldn't I just be graceful and say "thank you?"

How do you accept compliments?

And what items or turquoise-themed projects do you want to brag about so we can all compliment you on!!

March 22, 2010

Spring Awakening

In church this past Sunday, the deacon spoke about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


It had been a longgggggggggggggg time since I had been to confession so four years ago, I went. I was embarrassed quite honestly because it had been so long. "Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been ___ years since my last confession."

For a while, I questioned this practice of needing a priest to absolve me of my sins. Who is a priest when I have a daily, ongoing talk with God to whom I confess my sins.

But, for some reason, I was called to go to confession. There was another reason too. I had a certain sin I needed to confess. Well four years ago, I left the confessional without confessing it.

For years, this sin weighed on me and I felt ashamed that I hadn't confessed it. So, last year before Easter, I went to confession. I confessed my sin and how at my prior confession, I had not.

Well, the priest absolved me of my sin and as I prayed my penance, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I felt lighter. Free. My heart seemed to enlarge. To this day, I am so glad I went to confession and now, I understand the role of a priest more than before.

My very own Spring Awakening.

"Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another,
as God in Christ forgave you."
- Ephesians 4:32

March 19, 2010

Happy St. Joseph's Day

The 19th day of March is St. Joseph's Day, the feast of the Blessed Virgin's husband.

In my I-talian family (with a few Josephs in it), we celebrate it by getting together and eating St. Joseph's cake, known as sfingi or zeppolis.

Sfingi are filled with ricotta and zeppole are filled with custard. I prefer the ricotta cannoli cream. Who doesn't love cannoli cream!


Gracious St. Joseph, protect me and my family

from all evil as you did the Holy Family.

Kindly keep us ever united in the love of Christ,

ever fervent in the imitation of the virtue of our Blessed Lady,

your sinless spouse and always faithful in devotion to you. Amen.

March 18, 2010

Words of Wisdom from

"Pre-Sales Engineer. What does that mean, slave to HP and EMC. I work from home alot thast a plus. Its a paycheck and at least I am not out tarring roads, cleaning horse stalls, or that guy that hands out the mints in the mens room lol."

Are you turned on yet ladies?

The spelling is atrocious and the conceit for his occupation turns my stomach! What is wrong with men who clean horse stalls or work with their hands?

This is some of what I have to deal with online dating with

Oh. And then there is this:

"Im here for a mature woman to have fun with and a young woman to have an relationship with. im young and fun and love to go out. so if you want to try something new then give me a shot. you wont be dissapointed!"

I need to go throw up or take a shower. Maybe I'll throw up in the shower thinking of the delightful mean out there just waiting to date me.

"It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins."
- Chinese Proverb

March 17, 2010

Be Careful Ladies!

Last week in Manhattan, a woman was left for dead in a bar after she declined to dance with a man. She went to the ladies room. He followed her, pummeled her head in, and attempted to rape her.

Surveillance cameras captured a man leaving the bar shaking his right hand as if in pain from the punches he landed. He was also seen at a bodega stealing merchandise. His co-workers recognized him and called police. Thank God for this tip and for surveillance cameras!

What a crazy son-of-a-bitch (insert cuss words of your choice)! A woman turns down a request to dance with you and you beat her to a pulp? What is this? Saudi Arabia?

I pray that this woman recovers from her broken nose, jaw and eye socket and that this guy goes to Rikers for a very long time, where he will eventually lose grip of his bar of soap in the men's shower and as he bends down to pick it up, he will know what it feels like to be violated.

Ladies, be careful. Don't put your drink down to go dance or do anything! Whenever possible, go to the ladies room with another woman. And when meeting anyone, do so in a very well lit area. Safety first.
"For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind." - Eleanor Everet

March 16, 2010

Turquoise Tuesdays Party #2

Ahh . . . I do love my turquoise bunny candy dish I scooped up at HomeGoods for $4.99.
Come join the party. Do you have anything turquoise or another shade of blue in your home? Any turquoise-inspired projects you would like to share? If so, join the party. I don't have a button for you to place on your blog but just link back to this post. Have fun!

March 15, 2010

Bargain Easter Finds and More

Who doesn't love a good bargain?

While shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops last week, I found the following:

Ceramic Easter Egg Crates for $1.69 each! I have seen many blogs using these crates year-round to house your earrings. I think I will have to go back for some more as I am thinking of giving them to my nieces for Easter with a pair of earrings in one of the egg holes.

I found this egg cup for 69 cents and the find of the day were these 3 inch alabaster eggs! They are very heavy and I just love the colors and the veins that you can see in the eggs. The eggs were 69 cents each as well! I will definitely have to go back and get more! I am regretting that I didn't scoop up more because as we all know, good things go fast.

I have a Coastal-inspired room in my house and I could not pass up this lighthouse lamp. It was $4.99. Found this print for $2.50.
And after my weekly stop at the Dollar Tree, I found these candlesticks for $1.00 each. I have been inspired by many great projects I have seen on some blogs using these in various ways. Don't you just love a bargain? What bargains have you found lately?

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." - Bo Derek

March 12, 2010

My Toes in the Sand

Well, my toes were in sneakers but they hit the sand! Last Saturday was gorgeous; just splendid. I am blessed to live within minutes from the beach so I try to get there as often as I can, which is not often enough!

With rain coming for the next 5 days, I thought I would share some of my beach photos with you. Soon, the beach will no longer look like this:
But,more like this.
"The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea." - Isak Dinesen

March 11, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

. . . sometimes don't work out the way you want them to.

I have been off-line for 17 days. Well, more like 30 hours. But it feels like 17 days! My modem was giving me trouble and the cable guy had to pay me a visit. He was very nice. Tattoos and a wedding ring. No luck for this Single Nester. But he sure did know his shit stuff. He hooked me up (I think).

I had lots of plans for yesterday. I was going to accomplish a lot online. But alas, that didn't happen. So, it got me thinking about how some plans go awry and how you respond can set the tone for the day(s).

I "saluted the sun" a few times and then chose to chill out and take it all in stride. I took the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. The cable guy needed to go where some dust bunnies were nesting (my closet) and I didn't want to be embarrassed, although I am quite sure he has seen much worse.

As I was cleaning I was thinking, 'How many handbags does a woman really need?' Well, a lot! But, I needed to get rid of some bags from my Wall Street days and some handbags that no longer served me. It felt good!

I sometimes travel for work and have amassed quite the collection of toiletry products from various hotels. I cannot believe how many mouthwashes, lotions and sewing kits I have. I could not get rid of them.

On my Internet-day-off, I went to Starbucks and read two of my "self-helpy" books: "Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight" and "If Life is a Game, These are the Rules."

It was nice. But, I was a tad curious as Tuesday was my first McLinky party and I was excited to see who linked up (if anyone). Thank you ChaCha at SitRelaxAndRead, Jennifer at TheMagicBrush , Adrianna at DreamsofPerfection and Diana at LagoaDesignStudio for being my first-ever linkers! You all made my day!

So, I think the next time my plans go awry, I will just salute the sun a few times and, here's something novel, do something else.

Smile, breath and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hanh

March 9, 2010

Turquoise Tuesdays

As some of you have learned through the Blogosphere, Pantone named Turquoise as the color of the year for 2010.

Yeah! Turquoise (any shade of blue, really) is my favorite color.

I have lots of turquoise thingeys in my home so I decided to start Turquoise Tuesdays to share with you all of the things I love that are turquoise.

Here is the first up and one of my favs:

These R.J. Graziano earrings were purchased late last summer from Lord&Taylor. The sticker price was $28.00 marked down to $22.38 and then another 50% off plus, I had an additional 20% off coupon. Before taxes, these delightful, sexy beauties came to $8.95 !!

What do you think of turquoise? If you have a turquoise-themed post, link up to my first-ever Linky Party! Geez! I hope this works :)

"The most precious jewels are not made of stone, but of flesh." - Robert Ludlum

March 8, 2010

Garland Turned Spring Wreath

My front door has been a little bare since Valentine's Day. I didn't want to store away my Valentine Cupcake Liner Wreath that I learned from Jen at TatertotsandJello. It was such a lovely wreath but alas, the seasons do change.

I had two spring garlands purchased several years ago from Michaels that I never did anything with. Never displayed it. Nothing.

It's a bit hard for me to think out-of-the-box when it comes to seeing the possibilities in something. Inspired by all of you great bloggers, I decided to rattle the space between my ears and think of what I could do with these two garlands. After purchasing a wreath form at the Dollar Tree, it hit me to deconstruct the garlands and make a spring wreath.

I used snippers and snipped away.

And, this is the result.

Not bad right? I stuck some Eastery things on the wreath when I hung it from my front door.

I would say the total cost was $1.00 for the wreath form and maybe $7 for the garlands purchased some time ago.

I love thinking out-of-the-box!

"The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it."

- Author Unknown

March 5, 2010

Apologizes to the Woman in the White SUV

Yesterday morning, I was on a fairly major four-lane road that was right next to a major highway.

There was a white SUV sitting across the two lanes. I stopped as did every other car. It looked as if the driver was trying to cross or reverse back into a gas station. I didn't know what was wrong because the driver was doing neither.

So I went around as did all of the other cars. As I passed, I saw that the driver was a woman and she was hysterically crying. My heart sunk. My first instinct was to pull over and help her, not knowing what was wrong. But, the flow of traffic did not allow for this. Had I stopped, I would have most surely been hit.

I drove away really torn up about seeing this women crying but more so, I was racked with guilt for not doing anything.

I started to pray for her and continue to do so as I write this.

Blessings to the woman in the white SUV.

"A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you."
- Irish Blessing

March 4, 2010

Target Timex Bargain

While spending yet another precious hour of my day wandering aimlessly through Target, I came across this watch.

I had purchased a Timex Ironman watch years ago and last summer, the strap broke so conveniently after getting a new battery. It probably broke from all those Ironman's I participated in. NOT!

It now sits in my beach bag waiting to let me know when to turn over.

The face was small on my old watch and I am into big watch faces. So, when I saw the sticker price of this watch (75%off), I had to buy it and I am so glad I did. $7.48 !!

What great bargains have you scored at Target recently?

"Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley."
- Author Unknown

March 3, 2010

Winter Wednesday Woes

I have heard a lot of people complaining about winter and how they can't wait for spring. Yes. It has been some winter for snowfall. And as someone who has tennis elbow and carpal tunnel from shoveling way too much, I hear ya.

However, why is everyone rushing the seasons? God did make four of them, right?

I love some seasons more than others but winter is number two behind fall as my favorite season and this year as in years past, I am sad to see it go.

There is something about the snow and the cold that make me feel more alive. The thought of bundling up with a warm pashmina, a cup of Prince of Wales tea and a good book makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

I am sad to see Winter go.

This winter, to keep my winter love in full force and effect, I purchased two items that I absolutely love and will bid a fond adieu to when I pack them away shortly.

The first is this hat from Eddie Bauer.

I cannot begin to tell you how warm this hat keeps me. There have been times where I have had to take it off because I have gotten so hot. But, then again. It could have been peri-menopause that my GYN keeps telling me I am far away from. $39.50 worth of toasty goodness and I look kinda cute in it.

Speaking of toasty, the second item is this 3/4 length down coat in "persimmon" that I purchased from Lord and Taylor.

It covers my boo-tay and is very warm. The collar covers my neck and head almost completely. It is by Gallery Portrait. Originally $190, it was 40% off. I had an additional 20% off coupon and a $50 gift card so it cost me around $40ish. Holla!

Ahhh, winter. I am so sad to see you go.

What do you say ladies? What are some of your favorite winter items that you will be sad to see go? Don't say your shovel.

"Winter dies into the spring, to be born again in the autumn."

- Marche Blumenberg

March 2, 2010

Whatcha Reading?

I love to read and I have lots of books. One day, I will post a photo of my "library."

I probably should be reading my magazines that are quickly piling up, but I am really into the book you see in the picture - "Girls of Riyadh" by Rajaa Alsanea. It is loosely "Sex in the City - Saudi style." It follows four friends as they navigate the strict rules on dating in Saudi Arabia and their desire to be more westernized. Purchased in the bargain aisle of Barnes & Noble.

Nothing like a cup of tea with a good read. My favorite is Prince of Wales tea. If I can't have my prince (yet), might as well drink me some. I do love the mug too. I got it for $1.50 at The Christmas Tree Shops. It is my favorite color - turquoise.

What are you currently reading? What is taking you away at the moment?

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough,
or a book long enough to suit me." - C.S. Lewis

March 1, 2010

Glitter Easter Eggs

I have mentioned before in my blog how much I love GLITTER! With Easter approaching, I began to think of how I could use glitter?

Well, I found these Easter Eggs that were my mom's.

She was an Avon Lady for 21 years and passed away 18 years ago, leaving me with tons of crap stuff. I mean tons and tons of stuff! I have, for the past 18 years tried to get my dad to realize that memories of my mother are not found in unsold Avon crap stuff sitting in a garage but rather, in your heart.

Slowly, painfully slowly, and with some fighting and discussing, I have thrown out tons of stuff, donated tons of stuff, sold some stuff on eBay and kept some things. Including these eggs.

I was about to donate them when it hit me - Glitter Baby!

I used the following tools on this project:

I first glued the eggs together since they come apart. I then painted them the color of the glitter I was going to use so that the design did not show through.

Some eggs dried faster than others but once they were sort of dried, since I lack patience, I glittered away. What do you think?

The orange egg didn't come out that nice and you can see the design underneath. But the others look so sparkly! Look at that sparkle reflected with the camera flash.

Emerald Green Egg - Martha Stewart Glitter in Peridot
Blue Egg - Martha Stewart Glitter in Turquoise
Light Green Egg - Martha Stewart Glitter in Aquamarine Crystal
Orange and Purple Egg - Jones Tones Glitter
Pink Egg - Pastel Glitter

The ceramic basket was something I purchased years ago. The Spanish Moss was $1/bag from Dollar Tree. The glitter was purchased over the years with 40% or 50% off Michaels coupons.

Not a bad way to use more than 2o year old eggs that were headed to my church's thrift shop.

"God gave us memories that we might have roses in December." - J.M. Barrie
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