February 25, 2010

To Boudoir or Not to Boudoir

I have always wanted sexy boudoir photos taken of me; Not to give to a man but to have for me. I want photos that celebrate me and my curves. What a better way to do this than with photos.

Now, this is not a top priority for me. I need to save money for other things like say, milk and bread and the heating bill. But it is something I have had on my list for a long time.

While spending yet another day browsing great blogs on the Internet, I came across a website called One and Only Paris Photography. It features couples in their happy, private moments celebrating their engagements/weddings in Paris. I am in love with these photos! Not only is the photography gorgeous but it is PARIS!

Le Pont de Passy by Marc Chagall photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - April 2009
I was in Paris in '97. And, like most things when you are younger, you don't appreciate it. I did not appreciate Paris the way I should have. I was involved with a man (boy) at the time who was not good for me and there I was in Paris consumed with him. What a fool I was! Quel dommage! But, Paris left a lasting impression on me and one day, I will go back.

The best part of One and Only Paris is they do Boudoir photography!

Ok. So. Lose some weight. Wax. Win Lotto. Fly to Paris.

This is doable, right?

"Quand il me prend dans les bras/Il me parle tout bas/Je vois la vie en rose
When he takes me in his arms/And speaks to me softly/I see the world through rose-colored glasses"
From La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf

February 24, 2010

White Tulip Love

First, I want to thank my fellow bloggers for your kind words regarding my pity party yesterday. The party carried over into today, but all of you talented ladies with your amazing blogs certainly cheer me up!!

What a better way to bring some more cheer into your home than with flowers.
I went to my favorite grocery store, TraderJoe's and picked up some white tulips for $4.99. I never get white tulips but this time, with the explosion of white home accessories, I decided to purchase them.

And, I am glad I did.

What flowers cheer you up?
"Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers where I can walk undisturbed." - Walt Whitman

February 23, 2010

One Person Pity Party

Yesterday I was feeling, well, emotional.
I went for a walk in the cold sunshine.

I brought some tissues with me in case I broke down while taking my strides. I didn't need the tissues that is, until I arrived home.
I am a very passionate person. However, passion is missing from what should be the two most important parts of my life; Vocation and love.
For over 2 decades, I have been trying to figure out what I should be when I grow up. The problem is, I am grown up and I have not found that vocation that makes me bounce out of bed in the morning, excited to start my day.
I pray and meditate and wait for answers but they don't seem to be coming. Or, maybe I am just deaf.
Now, love.
I thought I would be married with school-age kids by now but that has not happened. At one time, I wanted children and even though my eggs have not dried up yet, I don't see that happening unless my future mate has children of his own. In this case, I will love them as if they were mine.
Quite honestly, I really just wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. But, I am not so on to Plan B. But, what the heck is Plan B?
Sometimes, I feel like these ducks I photographed over the weekend on a river near me. All calm on the top of the water but a mess underneath, peddling like heck just to stay afloat.

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.' " - Erma Bombeck

February 22, 2010

Picture Frame Necklace Organizer

My costume jewelry collection was getting a bit out of control. They were toppling over in their boxes and it was time-consuming trying to figure out which necklace was where when it came time to go on my non-existent Match.com dates. (Can you sense the sarcasm?)

After reading in Redbook magazine a few months ago and after doing a web search, I found some ways to go about crafting my own Picture Frame Necklace Organizer. The following appealed to me.

I already had on hand an old picture frame, sand paper, spray paint and fabric previously purchased at JoAnns. The only thing I needed was cork.

I purchased a roll of cork and oh boy, what a mistake. I barely had it unrolled when I poked my finger through it. It quickly became apparent that the flimsy cork would not support my necklaces. So, on to Plan B. I headed to Michael's and purchased foam board for $1.50.

I began by spray painting the picture frame. Too much wood showed through so I then used some craft paint to paint over it.

After measuring the frame opening, I glued the cork to the foam board using spray adhesive. Then after measuring the fabric, I taped the fabric to the board making sure it was secure and all wrinkles were evened out.

I then used craft glue and taped the fabric board to the inside of the frame and let it dry for a day. The back is not pretty but what do you think about the front?

This represents about 50% of my necklaces but it is a start. I love it! It looks like art and I can see what I have which is the best part.

How do you organize your jewelry?

UPDATE: Some of you have asked what I used to hang my necklaces with. I purchased clear push pins from Target. They were about $1 and change. I didn't want to use colored push pins as they would distract from the beauty of the necklaces and we sure as heck don't want that happening :)

"Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles." - Sonja Henie

February 20, 2010

So Many Magazines - So Little Time

Amazon had so many great magazine deals at the end of last year. $5.00/12 issues on many of them! So, I added to my monthly collection.

The only problem, I need the time! I have been too busy watching the Olympics.

Here they are.

What magazines are you currently enjoying?

"No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting."
Mary Wortley Montagu

February 18, 2010

Online Dating Company Extends Single Nester's Subscription

Ladies, this really isn't a good thing.

You see, Match.com states that if you haven't met anyone in 6 Months, they will extend your subscription for 6 Months. Mine was extended. How sad is that?! I did not meet anyone in 6 Dang Months!

Now, don't get me wrong. Plenty of men have "winked" and some have even formulated nouns and verbs into complete sentences and typed an actual email. None have peaked my interest.


So, I fear that I will be resigned to the next 6 Months of this -

And this -

And oh gosh, this -

So, I guess I will have to keep dreaming of those Olympian thighs on those cross-country skiers from Norway and Finland and Austria.

For now.

"Don't knock masturbation - it's sex with someone I love." - Woody Allen

February 17, 2010

Hallelujah - Home Goods is a Coming

Can you see the rays of sunlight bellowing down on the sign? Hallelujah!

I do love HomeGoods. I travel about 20 minutes to the nearest one. Not far but way too long when you just found out that a HomeGoods is coming to a location just 5 minutes away!!

I am at this shopping area 1-2x/week. I happened to look up at an abandoned store and (dare I write it again?) - Hallelujah! There the sign was - "HomeGoods Coming Soon."

Probably a good thing that it is not coming tomorrow as I will have to save tons of funds to have it sitting so, so very close to my home.

Yeah for me! I think.

"Shopping is better than sex. If you're not satisfied after shopping, you can make an exchange for something you really like." - Adrienne Gusoff

February 16, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love the Winter Olympics

Ah . . . it's that time again. The Winter Olympics. Of the Summer and Winter Games, the Winter Games are my favorite.

photo credit - Flickr - Van Felt

And, here's why . . .

#10 - The thighs on the men's alpine skiers.
#9 - Snow.
#8 - Admiration for all things athletic (and hope to one day be in better shape).
#7 - The thighs on the long-track men's speed skaters.
#6 - The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
#5 - The Opening Ceremony.
#4 - The whole world seems to be united at one time.
#3 - The thighs on the men's cross country skiers.
#2 - Patriotism. Go USA!
#1 - THIGHS! Can you tell I love them on a man?!

Now I am not talking about the thighs that I happen to see on Match.com. Those are nasty. But, the thighs on these incredibly athletic men of the world.

Oh boy, I need a cold shower.

"I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon." - Ellen DeGeneres

February 15, 2010

Farewell Mr. Cupid

Better luck next year.

When the world says 'Give up,'

Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' - Author Unknown

February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Art Lovers!

I love to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. I can, and do spend hours here. I really cannot find the words to express how much I love this place. And, I try to visit at least two times a year. Not enough in my opinion.

One of my favorite movies, The Thomas Crown Affair (the remake) with Rene Russo, Pierce Brosnan and Denis Leary is set in the museum. If you haven't seen it, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy what I consider a very sexy movie for Valentine's Day.

I always visit the museum on a Friday since it is open late on this day. And, I always start in the Impressionists section. Why? #1 - Best to go early since later in the day, this section is too crowded. Nothing like loads of Japanese tourists vying for viewing space near Degas' The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer. Look at all of this glorious space around her. Not a person in sight. Just me and her. Gotta love it!

And, #2 - Renoir is my favorite artist. He painted realistic women; women with T & A, if ya know what I mean. Last April, I was actually staring at one of his paintings and a man asked me what I thought about the painting. He was cute in a nerdy kind of way. Listen, I would not have kicked him out of bed for eating crackers but alas, a nice conversation on art was all that came of it.

After gazing in awe at these amazing artists, I always set out next, to find one of my favorite paintings. I can never remember where it is because there are just so many galleries. So inevitably, I ask a security guard the following, "Can you tell me where I can find the painting of Cupid urinating on Venus?" And, the guards always direct me to this amazing painting.

I love it! And, its name is "Venus and Cupid" by Lorenzo Lotto.

So, with this photo, I wish all of you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and who knows, maybe, just maybe, Cupid will drop his ahem, urine on me one of these days.

February 11, 2010

A Valentine Flower for Me

Ahhhh . . . flowers. How I love them.

While at my local supermarket earlier this week, I could not resist treating myself to a beautiful potted Cyclamen. I love how the word MEN is part of CyclaMEN !! LOL!

Maybe it will turn out to be my lucky Valentine. And all this hope for just $1.99 !!

"When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other." - Chinese Proverb

February 10, 2010

A Love Story for Valentine's Day

A few months ago, my friend Marge emailed me a newsletter that she receives - Sabbath Moments by Terry Hershey. After reading a few newsletters, I signed up to receive my own Sabbath Moments directly.

With a mixture of humor, spirituality and everyday advice, Terry seems to know what it is that I need at that exact moment. In a recent newsletter, was a story that I felt would be perfect for Valentine's Day and one I want to share with all of you.

With Terry's permission, it is as follows:

Each day the man, dressed in his Sunday best, would visit the facility to have lunch with his wife. Each day at noon. Not 12:01. Not 11:59. At 12 noon every day.

She did not recognize her husband, and almost every day did not know who he was, except as a kindly gentlemen who helped her with her food.

One day, the man injured his arm. The injury required stitches and a visit to the emergency room. As a nurse cared for the wound, the man noticed, with alarm that the clock read "11:45."

"I need to go," he told the nurse.

"Good heavens. Why?"

"To join my wife for lunch," he said. And, he explained how he visited her every day. How he helped her with her lunch. How he made sure he was there at 12 noon. And how most days, she did not recognize him.

"Well then," the nurse said. "You can just wait a minute. If she doesn't even recognize you, there's no need to be there at noon."

"Yes," he told her. "There is. I need to be there at noon because, even though she doesn't recognize me, I still recognize her."

Just lovely. I hope you are as touched by this story as I was.

You can read more about Terry and such inspirational stories at http://www.terryhershey.com/

Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean Leon Gerome

Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - July 2009

February 9, 2010

Handmade Valentine Bling

I have a wrist that is about 7 1/4". Not humongous by any means but not the standard in bracelets that you see in stores. I get frustrated when a gorgeous piece of costume jewelry doesn't fit me. Gorgeous as it may be, I am not into cutting off my circulation. My waistband does enough of that, thank you.

So, to heck with those designers. I will make my own.

Coil bracelets work really well for me and are so much fun to wear. My friend Marge is a jewelry designer so I purchased the items I needed over several weeks (with my Michaels coupons, of course) and went over to her house to make my bracelet.

Thanks to her help (and wire cutters), I was able to make this:

Isn't she pretty!

It took about 1 1/2 hours to make and it wraps around my wrist 5 times. The coil is very springy and beads did, on occasion fly all over the place but, I am pleased with the result. It cost about $10 to make.

Very blingy. Very sexy and very mine.

"I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond." - Mae West

February 8, 2010

I Love Me Some Glitter!

I love bling. Glitter. Shiny things.

With my 40% or 50% off coupons in hand, I quite often head off to Michaels to purchase some Martha Stewart Glitter. At $4.99 minus the coupon, it is a deal. And, the glitter is great quality.

I am such an order freak that I have found myself organizing the oftentimes messy display of Martha Stewart Glitter. No glitter should be so poorly displayed :)

After finding metal heart ornaments that had these tacky teddy bears attached, I thought they needed some glitter. These ornaments were leftover from my mom's days as an Avon Lady. That is a whole other blog post, or several posts.

I yanked the teddy bears off the hearts with no malice really and mixed some glue and water as the base for applying the glitter. You can see one of the teddy bears in my book page wreath in my banner.

I have hung them from our banister and they look very glittery.

Who knows - maybe someday I will get myself some bling that is about say . . . 2 carats. If not, I will just have to buy it myself!

"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden." - Claudia Ghandi

February 5, 2010

Valentine Cupcake Liner Wreath

Several weeks ago, after seeing Jennifer of Tatertots and Jello Cupcake Liner Valentine Wreath tutorial, I rushed out to JoAnne's and purchased the items I needed to replicate the wreath.

I found the heart-shaped wreath for $3.99 minus my 40% coupon ($2.39) and the cupcake liners were on sale for $1.86. Trusty glue gun in hand, I went at it.

This project is very easy. It took under one hour and I used all 75 liners. I could have used more to fluff it up a bit but I like the result. All for $4.25 !!

What do you think?

Check out Jennifer's tutorial at Tatertots and Jello. She has really wonderful and creative ideas on her site.

"Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever." - Author Unknown

February 4, 2010

Letter to Mr. Match.com

Here we go again ladies - another lovely "match" from Match.com . What exactly matching criteria is this outfit using?

I found this man's profile photos so amusing that I had to make a collage and write him a letter.

Dear Mr. Muscle Man,

Why is it that you think this even remotely looks attractive? Do you really think I am going to respond to you when all you are doing is showing me body parts? Do you think I am breathing heavy looking at your grossly huge "whatever those muscles are called" or the closeup of your jewels?

What is the deal with the hand gestures? Pull up your pants!

Is there anything going on between your ears besides the side effects from prolonged steroid use? Obviously, I am not the kind of woman you are looking to meet because who in their right mind would like a man who posts photos like this? Not I that is for sure.


The Single Nester
(And happy to stay that way if this is what is out there!)

"Whenever I date a guy I think, "Is this the man I want my children to spend their weekends with?" - Rita Rudner

February 3, 2010

She who Hesitates Loses a Lamp

I returned to HomeGoods yesterday, a favorite store of mine to wander through, hoping to find a couple of interesting pieces that I had seen two weeks ago and had decided to purchase.

Well, of course they were nowhere to be found.

So, disappointed as I was, I continued to wander and came across this great lamp.

I fell in love! Since there isn't a real Valentine in my life, a lamp will do, right?
It would fit perfectly in a room I renovated in my home that I call my "Cape Cod" room. It was a catchall mess that I wish I had taken a before picture of. But, sometimes the before is so depressing that I just forge ahead.

Prompted by a visit from my cousin from Italy, it was time to purge. I am very proud of this room and mediate and practice yoga in it every most days.

Anyway, I was iffy about the lamp because of the price - $49.99. So, I took a photo and decided I would revisit it after going through the rest of the store.

Well, wouldn't you know. Turning the corner of an aisle a while later, I came across my lamp in someone's cart.

I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Remember, she who hesitates loses a lamp.

"If I don't stop shopping, I'll end up a bag lady; a Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady." - Carrie in Sex and the City

February 1, 2010

Heart Frame Just Waiting for a Man

As a single lady with no "Valentine" to call my own this year, I found myself strolling through the aisles of Michaels wondering if all this love stuff applies to me.

Just how crafty can I get?

And darnit, aren't I enough to craft for?

So, I started with a simple project. I found a heart-shaped wood frame for $1 and, minus my 40% coupon, it cost only 60cents. Pulling out some never-used scrapbook paper and my trusty Mod Podge, I went at it.

Honestly, I am not that pleased with the finished product. What was I thinking cutting out all those geometric shapes? Maybe I should have gone with even pieces. Oh well, it is what it is.

Don't you just love my little cupid man in the opening?

One day, I will have a photo to put in it.

"I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon." - Author Unknown
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