December 11, 2010

Trader Joe's Sold Out of Dark Chocolate Stars for Christmas

For the last few years, around this time of year, I have stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up Dark Chocolate Stars.

These delicious morsels only grace us with their presence at Christmas.

I purchased them before Thanksgiving and went back today to another TJ's to pick up an additional box, knowing that they would not last until Christmas.

What? No Dark Chocolate Stars?

Surely this can't be?

Maybe I am just missing them.

Went to speak to the manager and was told that the plant stopped making them for the season so what was on the shelves are now gone.

Excuse me? Can't they make more?


Maybe TJ's can make Dark Chocolate Hearts for Valentine's Day or Dark Chocolate Bunnies for Easter.

I cannot believe I cannot buy such a tasty treat until next year.

Santa Claus will not be getting any cookies this year to warm his belly for his sleigh ride around the world.

These babies are all mine!


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

OH MY I have never had them.... I need to look for them next year.

Barbara Shallue said...

I didn't know about these...and now they're all gone already? That's just cruel!

michelle said...

WHAT!?? I really hate that when that happens!! I have never had them but they look really good and they are chocolate! Hopefully they make up for that lack of planning!! :)

Dishesdone said...

I FORGOT TO GET THEM THIS YEAR! I usually get a couple boxes. They are the best!

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