December 16, 2010

Grave Wreaths

For the past 19 years, I have made the wreath for my mom's grave. I find that the prepared ones at the florists are just not nice. Tacky actually.

This year, I must make two; one for mom and one for my brother.

I purchased the wreaths for $7.99. They smell so good.I then gather various decorative items and personalize the wreaths the way I want to.

Here is Mom's.Here is my brother's that I decorated with my younger niece.I glittered seashells but ahem, the day after placing the wreath, a big rain storm came and washed away the glitter.

Does anyone know how to make glitter stay put in wet weather?


michelle said...

Those are beautiful and so special Carmie! It is nice that you can personalize them and give them a gift from you and your niece! I know that they love them because they came from your heart. :) Not sure how to make the glitter stay though, that stinks!!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

These are beautiful Carmie. What a special way to honor your loved ones.

Annie Louise said...

What a sweet idea. Your wreaths are a great and beautiful way to remember your loved ones this holiday season.

Janet Ellis said...

How beautiful and sweet remembering of your Mom and your Brother. You're a really special lady. ~ Blessings, Janet

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

You did a really nice job on these wreaths, Carmie. I'm wondering if a spray polyurethane or sealer that works for outdoor/exterior projects would protect the glitter.

Jo said...

Carmie these are really great.
You are such a thoughtful sweet person.


The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Both of those wreaths are beautiful and what a lovely way to remember loved ones. I think a spray on sealer would probably help keep the glitter on.


Rumtruffle said...

Just hopped by to visit and say Hi.
Your wreaths are beautiful and I think making them yourself is much nicer than buying them already nade.Hopping via Follow Friday would love for you to hop on over and visit me back. I am a new follower too.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a fun fuilled new year.
Helen x

Shawn Becker said...

Hi, I found you through the Friday Hop and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your creative craft ideas. I look forward to visiting often!

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