November 2, 2010


Did you vote today?

I did. I always do. Including absentee ballots when I was away for college.

However, this year was a bit odd for voting.

First off, my state switched to paper ballots. You fill in the circle with a black marker and then run it through an electronic gadget.

I thought we were trying to save trees. What gives with the paper?

Secondly, the governor's race in New York State has left me less-than-thrilled. So it was a conundrum.

I do like Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend though - Sandra Lee of the Food Network.

I almost voted for the "RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH" candidate. What do you think? Should I have?

"Politicians are like diapers.
They both need changing regularly and for the same reason."
- Author Unknown


Janet Ellis said...

I haven't voted yet today. Hubby and I make it a tradition to go after work and then drown ourselves in wine at the local sports grill :-) We're in know, the state that supposedly is prejudiced against...well everyone :-) It's insane. My husband is from NY ~ Binghamton Area and we still have 74 acres there so we are fixed on that election as well.

Jo said...

I voted southeast Georgia,not as much drama as other states,but that was so funny,when I heard him say."Rent is to damn high"!And it glas we are rural and live out in the country were we own a little spot of land and we were able to finally build our home.

monica said...



EmptyNester said...


Barbara Shallue said...

I'll be voting after work and I admit, my head is still spinning. I'm not thrilled with the choices here in Texas, either. Sigh.

michelle said...

Wasn't too impressed with our candidates in Michigan either and the commercials made me want to smash my tv. I am glad that it almost over.

The Rent is too Damn high guy? Really? He is very interesting to say the least!! :)

Heather said...

I didn't vote, but then again I'm not American. I always vote in every election. I can't imagine why a person would chose not to vote. If they say there are no good candidates, then perhaps they should volunteer and run themselves or help find a better one.

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