November 15, 2010

Darren Criss Sings Teenage Dream on Glee

Over the weekend, I caught up with the last episode of Glee.

Almost busted the 'ol DVR replaying "Teenage Dream" sung by new cast addition, Blaine. Darren Criss is the artist and I hope he comes back to sing again and again.

I am in need of some sunshine this week so, here is the video. Enjoy!

I may be playing it again and again!


michelle said...

Ok, I have to admit that I am probably the only person in America that does not watch Glee, but that was pretty good! He has an amazing voice! I hope that you are doing good!! :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

He did very well, too, didn't he! I thought that was a great part of the show.

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

I have never watched that show but always mean to... but turned over last week and did catch this performance... aweswome... almost enough to make me a GLEEK wanna be...

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Carmie!! That episode was really great! I DVR'ed it and have watched it twice! I heard that Darren Criss will be back to continue his romance with Kurt. So stay tuned!

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