September 10, 2010

The Martha Stewart Show - Here I Come!

Next week, I will be attending a taping of the Martha Stewart Show. It will not be my first time as I went last October. Martha is now on the Hallmark Channel and I have already set my DVR to her show, her daughter's show titled Whatever, Everyday Food and Mad Hungry, the show with Lucinda Scala Quinn. Can't wait!

Last year, the studio was decorated for Halloween. It is a beautiful space. A bit cold but I guess it has to be with all of those lights. The taping took place on the day her newest cookbook launched. We all went home with the book.
We also took home a plant. Not that easy to carry on the train. In addition, I called Monrovia for assistance on how to take care of said plant. They never returned my call and alas, said plant is in plant heaven.
Martha is a task master. She shot 7 segments for the live taping and was efficient and on point. At the end, off camera, she took some questions. I of course had my hand raised and asked her besides her own, what was her favorite cookbook.
She said that the original Joy of Cooking (not the re-issue) and Julia Child's were her favorites.

Tune in next week to see how the taping goes.

"All the things I love is what my business is all about."
- Martha Stewart


Janel said...

so jealous of YOU right now!

alissa said...

Lucky girl! I've always wanted to go! I'm excited for Lucinda's new cooking show too! Have a great time.

michelle said...

OOOH you lucky girl you! I love Martha!!! Can't to see and hear about what she has this time! Have a great time!!
Sorry about your plant, I can't keep plants alive in my house. :(

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What fun, Carmie! I hope you have a great time. 1 1/2 hours before the show time ~ does it go fast or do you nod off?

Alicia said...

Stopping by from New Friend Friday ... how fun to go to a taping of Martha Stewart. Though some of her stuff is definitely over the top, you have to love Martha Stewart. :)

Have a great weekend!


Struggler said...

What a fun and interesting thing to do! Looking forward to the inside story...

Dishesdone said...

How cool is that! Lucky you!

I set the DVR to all three shows today, enjoyed them all!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'm green with envy! I love Halloween so I bet your last visit would have been a lot of fun. Do you have any idea what they will be discussing on your latest trip to Martha's?

Side note, whoever does the retouching for Martha's book covers is a genius. She looks fabulous.

Mrs.B said...

Yay for YOU!
Have FUN!

Jen @ said...

You lucky girl! have a wonderful time. I wish I was going too!


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