September 13, 2010

Babette's of East Hampton Restaurant Review

Last Friday, I headed out to the Hamptons to visit Wendy, a friend of mine who lives out east. It was a beautiful day but crowded as it was the Jewish New Year. It was filled with B&T's - bridge and tunnel people.

We decided to eat lunch at Babettes in East Hampton. This is in the inside of Babette's.
I had eaten here before - four years ago. I remember the food being fresh and delicious and not that expensive.

Not so much this time. It was horrendous.

I ordered the Parisian omelet which was "filled" with asparagus, tomatoes and cheese.

I have never eaten rubber but if I had, I am sure it would have tasted like this omelet from Babette's.

Utterly tasteless.

It is my fault because after one bite, I should have sent it back and ordered something else. But I did not.

The toast was like cardboard and I was sure I was going to lose a filling. The potatoes tasted like they were leftovers from dinner service from the night before.

Had the waitress (older woman with blond hair and glasses) come over to ask how our food was, I would have told her the truth. But she never stopped by - not once. She passed our table several times mind you. But, nothing.

And are you ready? Guess how much this rubber cost me.

$18.95 !!

Can you freakin believe it? The nerve of these people. You think that for this price I would have at least gotten a decent meal.

There are many delicious options in the Hamptons to dine.

Babette's is certainly not one of them.


michelle said...

I am sorry that your food was shotty! But hopefully you had a great day visiting, it looked like a beautiful day!
I love you new banner too!! Fall..aahhhhh!!!!

Morgane said...

ouch ! 18 dollars for that ? a shame !

Dishesdone said...

That's the Hampton's! Almost twenty bucks for eggs!
Too bad, it looks like a nice place :(

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's too bad, Carmie! I hope you enjoyed your visit though!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Oh I hate spending so much and then not getting a lovely meal! Hope you were able to enjoy the day anyway.


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I knew those were old potatoes when I looked at them. Ugh!

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