August 20, 2010 Scam Using Military Men

Cindy over at My Romantic Home recently posted about a "man" she communicated with on He posed as a US service member and in the end, asked for wire transfers of money.

This creeped me out. I thought I was safe until I received the following email from a "man" on

Hello and how are you? You have a great smile! After reading your profile you had impressed me as being feminine, classy, personable, and a woman of good character.
My name is Richy, a U.S ARMY Under deployment in Afghanistan, i am among the Troops from Front Hood, Texas that was sent to Afghanistan for peace keeping... well i am a widower and a father of two kids who are presently in Ohio with my grandmother just for while i am away.. i am in Kabul Afghanistan, though things have not been really easy here, but we are trying out best. I really want to meet someone i kind spend a good time with, some one that we can both share our dreams... I am not afraid to take chances, always willing to try something new.. you can add me to your messenger list and get to know more as i do not come here often, due to patrol and other military activites that keep me busy, i read my m ails eve ryday, you can write back to me anytime, Your questions and comments are welcome and it would be so nice to hear from you..., it is the same on messenger you can write back to me on it just to check if the email address is correct.. In my honest opinion you are not only a lady of beauty and brains, but also one with personality and that is really impressive to me my dear. i Apologize for the long mail, Anyway thanks for your time and God bless.Hope to get a feedback from you..



I was immediately suspicious and reported this email to Whether or not they do anything about it is your guess. I doubt it.

It really makes me sick.


the cape on the corner said...

are you sure that's what this is? i read what happened before on MRH, but that stinks that all military men are up for suspicion, you know? definitely let us know if says anything!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

yeah.. I'm with cape on the corner. Are you sure this is the same thing? The grammar and spelling would annoy me more than make me suspicious I think. But it's always important to follow your gut. :)

Kim said...

I have mixed feelings on on-line dating. I appreciate your cautionary words. (I'm not looking, but know people who are).

Annie Louise said...

I am glad you are being cautious with online dating. Take care and keep us posted.

Cheapskate4Life said...

Hi! I'm following you from Follow Me Friday -- I was drawn to your blog title because I myself am a Single Nester once again! My friend tried to make me join Eharmony so I made a profile but didn't join. This one guy and I are emailing back & forth and he seems great & trustworthy, but I'm just not sure I am ready to meet someone that way yet!

furygirl3132 said...

Hello! I am a new follower from Friendly Friday, so glad to have found your blog and I look forward to reading more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Marie Anne said...

First clue that this was bogus (without even getting to the other typos):

I am a U.S. Army

What the heck is that? He would have referred to himself as a soldier, or being IN the U.S. Army.

Struggler said...

Yikes. If this is, as you suspect, dodgy, then whoever this is, is playing on a range of emotions in a very underhand way. If do nothing, they deserve some public scorn.

Anonymous said...

Yeah- I've encountered a few of these. Very bad news. The cadence of the conversation invariably gets weird, like a non-English speaker. At first they sound good like they really ARE from Ohio, or Georgia, but it always disintegrates quickly- don't know what these guys are up to, but it's surely not good.

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