April 16, 2010

The Single Nester Reaches Over 100 Followers and has First Giveaway!

I have just reached over 100 followers!

What a wild, fun, learning experience this has been!

I am so thrilled that you feel I have something to say and find my posts interesting, funny and informative. Or, at least I hope you do.

So, to commemorate this Single Nester milestone, I am having my first giveaway!

And guess what? It is not a subscription to Match.com !!

Here it is - a set of 2 4x6 photo frames. Beaded and sparkly to boot!
All you have to do is leave a comment. However, the comment must be about a fun, creative way I can meet my future man so that this Single Nester becomes a Double Nester! If your comment doesn't include a tip, it will be deleted.

This giveaway is open from Friday, April 16 to Friday, April 23 at 5pm.

I will announce the winner Saturday, April 24 on this blog.

Good luck everyone and thank you for reading what I have to say!

"Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will but remember,
it didn't work for the rabbit." - R.E. Shay


Nalamienea said...

You said you like to golf, and from experience I know that it's probably best to meet a golfer, right? So what about a singles golf retreat?

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hey Carmie! Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Beautiful frames! How about this ~ Home Depot. I did a post where I had to go to Home Depot and I think this young guy thought I was trying to pick him up because I told him he looked familiar. Right, because I'm married 25 years and a cougar {eye roll}. His mother happened to be with him, but there are plenty of other handy guys who go without their mothers. Of course, this would include Lowe's, too.

Carol said...

Hmm, where to meet a guy? Granted if I knew the answer, then I wouldn't be a Texas version of the Single Nester! ;) Let's see, my advice would be to live every single day to the fullest, experiencing as much of life as you can. At least then you're out there. Does that mean that Mr. Finally Found will be there? Not necessarily, but at least you'll enjoy the wait a heck of a lot more!!

Karen said...

i always imagined meeting a guy at a music store, just going through a ton of cds or vinyl records, and finding someone who has the same taste of music as me. maybe that's just me, though - i'm big into music!

Heather said...

Congrats on the followers.

First, go to Calgary to the Stampede in July , tons of single guys. If that's not an option, then get a bunch of lovely flowers, stand outside on a busy street and give them away to guys as they walk by. You never know. My sister gave away flowers one day and had tons of fun.

Lisalulu said...

ALWAYS keep your personality poppin, and your eyes open.. and maybe you'll have luck in the grocery store (employees or patrons), (I know I did)

Sue said...

Crash into "his" cart at the grocery store.

Bored@Work said...

Take your dog (do you have a god?) or steal a friend's dog (not a small dog, a proper big dog), and go to a local dog friendly park. Guys that are single will be hanging out there with their best friend (the dog). The dogs are a good ice breaker AND you can trust guys that treat dogs well.

If that doesn't work, go away somewhere for an extended period of time to do something you have always wanted to do and I guarantee you meet him right before you leave. That's what happened to me.

Oh! And Congrats on the 100!! That's fantastic!

~SHANNON~ said...

BLOGGING! That is how I met mine! He was a reader that I had a friendship with- but nothing more. And over time it developed into something GREAT! Best part is... the person already knows your true self, because they have been reading your thoughts!

PS. If you dont want to wait for him to find your blog- find HIS first!!:)

Good Luck:)

Jenna said...

My best friend tried eHarmony, Match.com, and several others sites with not much luck. One day she stumbled on MSNpeople and met Tom. Although they had BOTH been on several dating sites at the same time they had never gotten each other as a match. They are now getting ready to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary and are expecting their 2nd child.

My boss also uses MSNpeople and has met several women through their site. Hope you have some of the same good luck!

Angie said...

Hey, I don't know how to meet men. If I didn't I wouldn't be single...lol. However, congrats on the 100th follower. By the way, you are my pick for my blog of the week starting today until next Friday!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

When I decided I wanted to be married I told everyone I knew that I was looking for a husband. It was uncomfortable but I remained determined to my cause. People are sometimes so busy with their own lives they don't consider that maybe so and so would really like to be married. So I put it out there.

Last Sunday I celebrated my 12th anniversary with my cousins former next door neighbor. :)

Thank you so very much for your recent kind thoughts and comments.

Amy said...

I am useless in the creative ways to meet guys department-- I've known my husband since the 8th grade! We never dated or even thought about it until we were sophomores at colleges near each other, though.

It seems to me that some of the best couples I know are those that started out as friends. So, not so creative, but I guess I'd say try volunteering somewhere you enjoy and making friends... you can bond over a common cause, and you never know which of those "friends" might turn into something much more!

Lisa-Marie said...

Try a bookshop! They are brilliant, because you know the man will be at least a bit intelligent, and they have coffee shops in them.

I met my husband in a club, he recognised me from a gig I'd been at previously. Go to gigs, they are full of men!

Coretta of corettadeesign said...

Congrats on all the followers! This is my first time reading your blog. Your Match. stories crack me up. What makes guys think that all a woman needs is a man with nice abs or biceps?

When you are most comfortable, being yourself and not out to impress (and he isn't either) things are bound to work out. I suggest Church. Any church, get involved in the singles stuff.

I met my husband of almost 7 years when he came to meet a roommate of mine in college. I happened to be the right height I think. :)

Lisa B. said...

Coffee shops are the place to meet men!

OR since you like golf, then volunteer to help with golf tournaments. Let the club hosting know you will be glad to help out.

Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi there,
Congrats on the 100 folowers! You came by and asked the color of my mirror. I used a color called "Innocence" by Behr from HD.
It's left over paint from my dining room color. It's a very soft creamy ivory.
As for the, meeting the guy thing; I was a single parent for 20 years (and liked it that way). Now, married almost 4 years. You could volunteer at your local pet adoption shelter. There's all kinds of people hanging out there... Working and adopting. I hope something works out for you!

Meg said...

Hey! Congrats on the 100th! It's a fun milestone! I'm trying to get people to leave me lots of comments, but I think I need to do something truly spectacular for that, and I'm fresh out of spectacular ideas! Love the frames...let's see, how to meet men....well, I met a man in a class. He graded my paper and I graded his. I gave him an A (hey, he was cute), and he gave me a B (valiant effort, he told me). Sigh. So, I guess my advice would be to find a fun hobby or learn something new! You never know who'll you meet doing that!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Not sure my first comment went through? Here it is again:

Fun blog! I became follower # 122! :-)

If you find out a good way to meet single men please let me know as my daughter is beautiful, smart and has a great job in Manhattan but is also still single.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Join a gym. Not only will you see good looking, sweaty guys working out, you may find Mr Right.

Thanks for your visit and your comment on my Italian Buffet. I would love to go to the Deruta factory. My husband would have to hold tight to his wallet.

North of 25A said...

Congratulations on 100 followers! I have 14 - LOL! How about your local house of worship? I don't mean to sound preachy or religious, I was just thinking of something where young singles get together... Of course, on the other end of the spectrum bars have been known to work well too.

simpledaisy said...

Yeah for you on 100!!
I say it all depends on the kind of guy you'd like to meet!!
If your athletic ...ask a guy to spot you at the gym.
If your into organic food...ask a guy to recommend something at the healthfood store.
If your a cocktailer...ask him what he's drinking at the bar.

There are a million ways to bump into mr. right...but mostly I think it's fate:)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I suggest if you go to church, look for a single guy there. Alicia


Dreams of Perfection said...

Wanna meet a guy quick? He'll have a job, insurance, and an option to retire. Just move by any base in the U.S.!! Military men are the sexiest too.

Mary Ellen said...

I really like the home improvement/hardware store idea. And the military base suggestion is really good too! Who doesn't love a soldier? Good luck, Carmie! He's out there!

Vicki said...

Think about what you enjoy and what your future nester might share with you. Go to a sporting event, check out the local festivals...just don't say no when it comes to your social calendar. He's waiting...go get him!

Michelle said...

Congradulations on 100 followers!! I love your blog you are so funny. As for the guy, well that is never easy, I loved your post on confession though and it seams as if your faith is important to you so I would say Mass would be a good place to start. However you need to find a church with young people and preferably a youth group. I was very suprised to find out when my daughter was preparing for World Youth Day that I would also be considered a youth (35 and under)so that would be a great place and get to go to Spain in the process

:) Michelle

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