March 17, 2010

Be Careful Ladies!

Last week in Manhattan, a woman was left for dead in a bar after she declined to dance with a man. She went to the ladies room. He followed her, pummeled her head in, and attempted to rape her.

Surveillance cameras captured a man leaving the bar shaking his right hand as if in pain from the punches he landed. He was also seen at a bodega stealing merchandise. His co-workers recognized him and called police. Thank God for this tip and for surveillance cameras!

What a crazy son-of-a-bitch (insert cuss words of your choice)! A woman turns down a request to dance with you and you beat her to a pulp? What is this? Saudi Arabia?

I pray that this woman recovers from her broken nose, jaw and eye socket and that this guy goes to Rikers for a very long time, where he will eventually lose grip of his bar of soap in the men's shower and as he bends down to pick it up, he will know what it feels like to be violated.

Ladies, be careful. Don't put your drink down to go dance or do anything! Whenever possible, go to the ladies room with another woman. And when meeting anyone, do so in a very well lit area. Safety first.
"For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind." - Eleanor Everet


La TempĂȘte said...

I know, when I heard about this I was so outraged. How dare he.

Struggler said...

This is just horrible. For our sanity, I have to assume he's a complete fruit-cake and a very rare case. I do hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a jerk. So girls are supposed to dance with everyone, now? :s

I wanted to say thanks for stopping by and commenting today. I'm sure Sam will appreciate it. :)

jenjen said...

Wow - that is terrible. How crazy!!


Twill Jill said...

And my mother wonders why I'm still single...sheesh. I would also add that if you date online like I do, don't give out all your personal info right when you first start emailing someone. They ALL sound good at first!

Nancy said...

Had not heard this story but sadly, it does not surprise me. It does anger me. I hope the woman heals completely, physically and mentally. Noone should have to endure that, from anyone!

Fifi Flowers said...


Dreams of Perfection said...

That is a shame. To not only violate someone, but to hurt them too. He's definitely going to be someone's be-yotch if he gets put away (which I hope he does).

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