February 10, 2010

A Love Story for Valentine's Day

A few months ago, my friend Marge emailed me a newsletter that she receives - Sabbath Moments by Terry Hershey. After reading a few newsletters, I signed up to receive my own Sabbath Moments directly.

With a mixture of humor, spirituality and everyday advice, Terry seems to know what it is that I need at that exact moment. In a recent newsletter, was a story that I felt would be perfect for Valentine's Day and one I want to share with all of you.

With Terry's permission, it is as follows:

Each day the man, dressed in his Sunday best, would visit the facility to have lunch with his wife. Each day at noon. Not 12:01. Not 11:59. At 12 noon every day.

She did not recognize her husband, and almost every day did not know who he was, except as a kindly gentlemen who helped her with her food.

One day, the man injured his arm. The injury required stitches and a visit to the emergency room. As a nurse cared for the wound, the man noticed, with alarm that the clock read "11:45."

"I need to go," he told the nurse.

"Good heavens. Why?"

"To join my wife for lunch," he said. And, he explained how he visited her every day. How he helped her with her lunch. How he made sure he was there at 12 noon. And how most days, she did not recognize him.

"Well then," the nurse said. "You can just wait a minute. If she doesn't even recognize you, there's no need to be there at noon."

"Yes," he told her. "There is. I need to be there at noon because, even though she doesn't recognize me, I still recognize her."

Just lovely. I hope you are as touched by this story as I was.

You can read more about Terry and such inspirational stories at http://www.terryhershey.com/

Pygmalion and Galatea by Jean Leon Gerome

Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - July 2009


Pine Tree Home said...

What a sweet story. Reminds me of that movie The Notebook.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing that. And I appreciate your visit too!

Shayla said...


I hope my husband to be always feels that devoted to me :)

Adrianna said...

That is a nice story. My kids grandfather had alzheimers, so hard to deal with. This is exactly how his wife(granmama) was, devoted 110%. I could only hope the same for me. The painting is sooo romantic. She's on her toes, must be love or at least a real good kiss!

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