February 9, 2010

Handmade Valentine Bling

I have a wrist that is about 7 1/4". Not humongous by any means but not the standard in bracelets that you see in stores. I get frustrated when a gorgeous piece of costume jewelry doesn't fit me. Gorgeous as it may be, I am not into cutting off my circulation. My waistband does enough of that, thank you.

So, to heck with those designers. I will make my own.

Coil bracelets work really well for me and are so much fun to wear. My friend Marge is a jewelry designer so I purchased the items I needed over several weeks (with my Michaels coupons, of course) and went over to her house to make my bracelet.

Thanks to her help (and wire cutters), I was able to make this:

Isn't she pretty!

It took about 1 1/2 hours to make and it wraps around my wrist 5 times. The coil is very springy and beads did, on occasion fly all over the place but, I am pleased with the result. It cost about $10 to make.

Very blingy. Very sexy and very mine.

"I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond." - Mae West


Linda said...

Ooooh...soooo PRETTY! I just love FUN bracelets. Thanks for coming by for a visit and the SWEET comment:)


Tracey said...

You're so smart to make your own bracelet...and it turned out fabulous!!! So pretty and perfect for Valentine's (or any time)!!!

:) T

Adrianna said...

I agree it is FAB!

Diane @ InMyOwnStyle said...

Do you have a hot date fo Valentines Day so you can wear ou new bracelet?

Shayla said...

CUTE bracelet!!!

and that quote is HILARIOUS, LOVE IT!

Lori said...

Show me the bling.... I love it....

Thanks for joining me for another great party at "Get Your Craft on Thurs." Please join me next week for another wonderful party..

Please stop by for a big annoucement Tuesday, the 16th. I'm so excited I'm about to bust...

2sisters said...

cute! i have a much larger than average wrist, and love bracelets, so if i want one, i have to make it myself! darling!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

You are crafty and funny! I love how it turned out!

Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!

Bobbie said...

This is awesome. I actually just made one that is black. I love it. Thanks for sharing over at check me out saturdays

Hope to see you again soon

bec4 said...

Good for you for coming up with your own design that works for you--turned out great, thanks for sharing!

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